Feng Shui

Ming Tang

Ming Tang 明堂

Most self learn masters call it Bright Hall. This is widely accepted by non Chinese practitioners as correct. This is the disadvantage of learning feng shui from non Lineage schools.


External Ming Tang
What Most People Think?

Most people or practitioner thinks it is the open space around the main entry point of the premise. It can be further defined as the the water in front of the house . Some others say it is the open, uncluttered and clean space in front of main door. This is to ensure the energy entering the house in “uncontaminated”.

It should be free from cluttering from shoes, umbrellas, coats etc. This is important to them because it is the space for Qi to gather around before entering the house. Sounds a like little spirits gathering outside the house!

Some suggest that Ming Tang should be kept “bright” thus the use of door lamps at night is highly encouraged. The lamps are also thought to help draw in Yang (positive) Qi.

External Vs Internal Ming Tang?

External Ming Tang refers to what ever space that is outside of a house or just outside your house door. Internal Ming Tang refers to the space just behind your main door.

Internal Ming Tang
So to most practitioners, the same rules applies.

  1. There should be some space in front or behind your main door.
  2. This space should be clean and fresh. No smelly shoes allowed.
  3. Should be free from sharp objects or poles or dead tree trunks known as Sha!
  4. This space should be free from cluttered. Shoes must be properly arranged.
  5. Some say a small water feature could help draw in and retain Qi.

However, I noted some authors say it is bad to have internal Ming Tang to open directly to main hall and thus recommend a bench to be placed in between to “slow” down the Qi. This is to avoid Qi rushing into the main hall.

What Actually is A Ming Tang?

Ming Tang is defined as the space in front of a door or house or grave. It has to be free from obstruction and thus why the word Ming 明 is used. The rest of it is self imaginary by those self learn authors.

Thus when one learns from non lineage school, they bound to have error in understanding that severely limits their progress in feng shui.

Ming Tang it is not bright, it means clear. No lineage leads to wrong interpretation!.

So what is the significance & application of a Ming Tang? This knowledge I reserve for students.