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Very often you hear some masters say Bazi is diagnosis while Feng Shui is remedy. Is this a true statement? Then there are masters who uses Bazi to determine the Nobleman star or Peach Blossom star then activate it in the respective sector in the house .

For example if in a person’s Bazi the Day Master is Jia 甲, then the Nobleman star is at Chou 丑 and Wei 未 sectors. If your Day Master is Xin 辛 then your nobleman star is at Wu 午 and Yin 寅 sectors of the house. They use the below compass to locate the sectors.

24 mountain of a Chinese Compass

As a teacher and practicing consultant in both Bazi and Feng Shui, I beg to differ in this viewpoint. Bazi is our astrology chart that decipher our Destiny from our date and time of birth. It tells us what our life limits are, our characters, our problems and our strengths. Feng shui on the other hand is the art of harnessing Qi from the land to benefit humans. Using the knowledge of our surrounding land and direction of our house, we contain certain types of energy in our house. This energy in our house in turns affects the outcome of our life.

This is the reason why Chinese as classify the metaphysics study into 5 categories is because they are indeed different streams of practice but uses the same fundamentals.

The 5 arts are namely:

  1. Physiognomy – Face reading & Feng shui
  2. Divination – Yijing divination,
  3. Astrology – Fate or destiny analysis such as Bazi or Zi Wei Dou Shu.
  4. Medicine – Medical branch
  5. Philosophy and Arts – Tao and martial arts.

Thus you may see that Feng Shui and Bazi belongs to different categories. Only modern “masters” mixes them together.

Here I share a real case shared to me during the consultation after I have predicted it. (Shared with permission from person)

Bazi 八字

This is the Bazi of their person. In the reading I saw this person would lose a sum of money and most likely is from the house issue.

Why in 2016 just after Li Chun the house was burglarized? This is reflected in the Bazi.


House Feng Shui 家居風水

When she told me yes she lost a good sum of money, I asked for her house direction and layout. Immediately after i pull out the annual charts, the answer is very clear. I said to her that the biggest loss came from her. She nodded in agony.

Monthly 2016 Feb
Feb 2016 Flying Star Chart

This house is facing East and had a door in the Green Dragon side. Immediately entering the 申Monkey year the house was burglarized. This resulted the family member lost their money but this person had the biggest lost as I predicted.

The reason why she was the biggest loser is because it was also reflected in her Bazi. So the feng shui caused all members to suffer loses from the burglary. This person suffered most. Thus some will say that the Bazi is a diagnosis of her potential loss in wealth and thus if one solve the feng shui issue it will not happen.

The reason I beg to differ is because the feng shui did not caused her alone to suffer loses but the entire house members did. Even if the house feng shui is good, she would still lose some money but perhaps a smaller amount because the Bazi had said so!

So a person who knows about his or her Bazi and house feng shui can have a better chance of avoiding than those who doesn’t know.

In simple way, while Bazi and Feng Shui is a complimentary art but they are not the same and thus cannot be used as one art! It is not right to use Bazi or Zi Wei Dou Shu to set the Feng Shui of a house.

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