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Yin Yang In Feng Shui

One yin one yang is the make up of Dao 一阴一阳为之道

There is a saying in Yi Jing but what exactly is it trying to tell us. What this thousand of years ancient verse is trying to tell?

This verse is to say that everything in this world is born from the marriage of a Yin and Yang component. This has been proven by science later that a sperm from a male after “marrying” with an egg from the female gives birth to a being, may it be human, dog, cat, fish, bird etc.

Thus the this law of heaven is also known as Dao 道 to the Chinese specifies there is always the police and there will always be a thief. There is an honest man there is also a con man. When there is a cruel man, there exists also a kind man or for every poison, there is also a medicine to it. There is a beautiful lady, there is also the ugly person. This is the law of Yin – Yang within the Dao.

For every one real master, there will be a few fake masters. For a few troubled man, a real master will arrive to lend a hand. For every ten cases there can be one where the client will refuse to follow the recommendations. For all the good things you have done there will still some who will blame you. Thus when one understands the law of nature he/she need not feel bad, its just an act of nature. Believe that when you see a fake master, the real one is also around waiting for you to find.

This universal law applies to a wide spectrum of subject and even in Feng Shui. A practitioner’s skills is very dependent on how deep he or she can understand the meaning of Yin Yang. It sounds easy but it is very deep and profound knowledge. It is no wonder that in the classics they say Yang Yun Sung when he was old spent time watching Ci Xiong or another term for Yin Yang.

What is exactly is Master Yang looking at? The person who understands this, will have the upper hand in feng shui. This is evident via the results he can produce.

Never underestimate such simple phrase and as the saying goes, still water runs deep while the empty barrel makes the most noise!