Cure for Bad Marriage Bazi

If you have less that fortunate marriage life, here are 9 points to help you regain that happy life. It is Possible.

Bazi tell you what problems you will have but you are the solution to your problems. Don’t believe what other tell you about short cuts or how wonderful their feng shui master has done miracle. Life there is no short cut.

1. Avoid the next quarrel. Never lose temper and it is ok to say “I am Sorry”.

2. Don’t expect perfection from your wife/husband. Learn to accept them as they are. Life is imperfect anyway.

3.  Be a good listener. Think before you speak. You are the master of unspoken words but slave of spoken words.

4. Be a good forgiver. Most people forgive conditionally, forgiveness should be complete and unconditional.

5. Grow in the spirit of humility. Be humble, ego brings arrogance that separate lives.

6. Learn the art of appreciation. Be quick to appreciate, be slow to criticize. Appreciate while one is alive for after life is for us to let go just like the dust dissappering in the wind.

7. Don’t argue. Learn to win love and affection rather than arguments.

8. Develop a healthy sense of humor. Learn to laugh and be cheerful even if things don’t go your way. So learn to laugh with others and not at others.

9. Always lend a helpful hand. Offer without asking, miracles does happen.

Make this your 2013 resolution if you truly want to improve your marriage life.

Merry Christmas and Dong Zhi…

Here is one nice song for you…

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