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Water Rabbit New Year Information

Here are some useful information to help our readers plan their up coming Chinese New Year.

Since Chinese New Year is happening before Li Chun or Lap Chun, thus the New Year is still within the Water Tiger year.

Let’s take a look the energy pattern for the coming Water Rabbit Year. East, North East and North West sectors are generally the less auspicious sectors.

Also if your property is facing East this year, any major renovations are not encouraged without a proper Feng Shui audit or supervision. It may trigger problems, sickness and accidents.

Some broad prediction for Malaysia:

Seems Malaysia will be affected economically thus people has to stay prudent as well for businesses to increase prices unnecessarily. This is for a universal good so the entire country can pull through together better.

Political instability may occur as early as Jun or August or perhaps a big financial scandal may surface these months of the year.

There is also a possible of an epidemic here in Malaysia especially during months like June, October and December. I would like to advice Malaysians to keep vigilant on cleanliness and masking in crowded areas.

If you like to have your house or office Feng Shui checked, get in touch with us on the contact form.

From Ministry of Health cautioned rising cases.

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