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Choosing The Right Feng Shui Master

Here is simple sharing from a client. If this client were to write the details according to the real time events, i think this will be a book and not a short blog post. I think what my client is trying to say most importantly is finding a master from a lay person perspective.

This journey went stretched from back from 2013, when I casually knew this client and the problems were ranging from parent’s grave, the live grave (Sheng ji), business and house Feng Shui. It was a painstaking journey of uncovering the works of many Feng Shui masters many whom are active on Facebook. You can see masters from young ones till the old ones with white hair yet not one of them was able to elevate their condition. Things only gotten worse one after another.

I will add my comments in blue to supplement what has been written. So what is this client’s thoughts on choosing the correct Feng Shui Master based on her own experience? Here it is:

It was after many rounds of consultations that made me penned my thoughts on choosing the right Feng shui masters. I studied metaphysics from 2000 to 2017 at different schools and masters to understand the theories and applications.

There were many bad things that happened in my family which created a lot of confusion and disharmony.  Eventually, I was attracted to the energy that metaphysics applied to resolve issues.  Bad events started to happen after my father’s death in the mid-1995 until 2017. I lost a brother and a nephew during this tiring journey of seeking the right master

The career of my siblings was affected badly. One of my brothers was declared bankrupt and other siblings were not doing well in their jobs too. There were many obstacles to which certain families’ livelihoods were also affected. Nothing much was done to solve the happenings as we accepted our destiny. 

Things started to get worse after my mother passed away in 2012. I started to engage professional consultants for yin and yang feng shui to find the root cause. The journey of engaging the consultants was tiring and disappointing. The family’s grave was told to be excavated and buried in a new location. Everything was followed accordingly. Unpleasant events seemed worse and resulted in bad consequences which put me in a dilemma when engaging other masters. We engaged other masters to audit but there was no improvement.

This event dragged on for a few years until one fine day, I met Master Alan. He told me that he would try to see what had caused all the unpleasant events. I was told that the location plot was wrongly selected. The bodies were soaked in water. Our family decided to engage a Taoist master to excavate and cremate it and threw it into a river.

 A very sad ending with disappointment and frustration but it provides relief from pain and suffering for my family. Our intention was to build a beautiful tombstone for my deceased parents but ended up being thrown into a river.

It was not long after an old Feng Shui master was invited to redo the grave after the first master relocated it. The old master just changed the tombstone but could not identify the problem of the grave. I was casually asked to audit a piece of land nearby when the client pointed to me the parent’s grave. I already told them the coffin is soaking in water but back then they did not take my words seriously because probably I was younger and did not even go near the grave. Years went by when they could not bear the problems anymore, they decided to exhume and cremate. It was on the day of exhumation, then I was informed what I predicted before has happened. They could not believed it, the coffin was literally floating.

There is another related story to this old master that did the family Sheng ji or life grave that resulted in bad events. This will be the story for another day.

This is another true story of Sheng Ji done by Master Alan for my friend’s daughter. Married for a few years and became pregnant after the Sheng Ji was planted. 

Why did I recommend Master Alan?  He is a genuine and trustworthy master. He has the special skill to predict and is able to solve issues relating to  the yin and yang Feng Shui. He is currently my Feng Shui consultant to oversee the office and factory.

Lastly, if given a choice, I will not want to understand more about the subject on Feng Shui.  As a layman, I am not able to distinguish between right and wrong masters. It is very important to consult the right master otherwise it will lead you to greater problems and miseries.

Yes it is not easy to identify who is real deal or who is fake but if you have read my earlier blog post, I think you will know better. In short just be alert of the 3Ms. Marketing, Mysterious, Miracle.

Wrong Feng Shui can create problems beyond your imagination and this is consistent with what I have observed over the years of consulting.

I am happy that I have been of service and helped their families members but most of all it started with a TRUST. Trusting a then younger master, a master that does not dress like a master and most of all, one that does not sells you miracles nor spiritual stuffs.

Most of all I salute her courage to share this experience with others in hope to educate the public. I know it was difficult and emotional for my client to write this but we agree and believe that many have suffered in silence and we want to encourage people to share their story so that less people will suffer from under par practitioners who is out to make a quick buck without concerns for the client’s well being.

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