Kitchen is a common place in every house and a very important one to a House Feng Shui. Many has this misunderstanding that other factors such as desk or bed is more important but the fact is that this is one of the most important feature of a house. However, many self profess “classical feng shui

Stove Placement 炉灶安置 for Harmony 和谐 and Health 健康

practitioners” have grossly over looked this resulting in ill health of their clients.

Thus many blindly inform clients without deeper understanding that in the Feng Shui for Kitchen,one should not built a kitchen in the North West (NW) section of the house. Having a kitchen in the NW sector is also known as Fire burning on Heaven’s gate.  I am sure you have as I had observed, many kitchen in the NW belong to families that do well and healthy.

Where is the Missing Link? The key item is the stove placement and not only the kitchen location.

Stove can affect our Health and Income.”

I have changed many stove placements and observed the changes in the family health and wealth too. There was a very particular case I did sometime back that from the stove placement, I told the client who is the wife that this stove arrangement will cause money loss and difficulty in money and thus will have to rearrange the stove.

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Divination vs Astrology

Many are confused with the difference between Divination and Astrology. This happening is, I believe due to the blurring division or definition between the two arts. Let’s examine it’s initial roots.

In Chinese metaphysics, it is divided into 5 categories and hence sometimes referred to as 5 arts of Chinese metaphysics or in short Chinese Five Arts. They are namely:

  1. Divination 卜
  2. Astrology
  3. Physiognomy 相
  4. Medicine 医
  5. Mountains 山

Thus in the past they belong to different categories of study. However, today, modern practitioners use one art for multiple purposes causing the blurring of their true purposes.

Under Astrology category are Bazi 八字 and Purple star Astrology or Zi Wei Dou Shu while under Divination are arts like Plum blossom, Wen Wang coins, Yi Jing imagery, Qi Men Dun Jia, Da Liu Ren etc.

So what is the difference between them?


This are is mainly to provide us on the moment answer to our questions we have in mind or to know the weather in the near future to assist our planning. In the old days a victory in war is very dependent on weather. A smart military strategist can use it to find out when a fog is coming to use it to their advantage for example.

Example of Qi Men Dun Jia Chart

You probably hear of Zhu Ge Liang the great military strategist who won the battle of Red cliff by using fog to “borrow a thousand arrows” from Cao Cao and also “borrowing the Eastern wind” where he launched fire boats to crush Cao Cao navy after tricking them to tie their boats together.

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Tick Tock Tick Tock – Timing In Feng Shui

There is timing in feng shui, let me share with you a real story that unfortunately happened to me!

Many like to think that Feng Shui results is something that should be quick and understandably more so when one is in a desperate position.

Some years back a friend of mine seek my assistance to help her since her companion was out of job and being an elder in the industry they were naturally worried about their income position.

After studying their house layout and directions and the surrounding landform, I concluded the house feng shui is generally below par. However, since a desperate friend asked for a favour I obliged and asked them to shift into another room. They did as I advised. So they waited and off and on she will contact me to ask why he hasn’t got a job yet. It is rather sad that desperation has set into her and this is even more sad because she is a student of feng shui.

Being shallow in their feng shui knowledge I did not bother to explain in depth but just told her to continue sending letters out for job application and do something so this increases the chances. I have a feeling she thinks I am kind a bluffing her as she was probably expecting that the potential employer to call her companion and offer him a job!

Categorically, there are many people who thinks in this way and that is one of the reason that probably motivated them to learn this art for they hope to have free lunches everyday.

In my opinion, this is the wrong reason to learn feng shui! Its better to ask God directly for he has the absolute power to do that for them. If He would He would have granted mankind this long ago.

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The Beauty of Real Feng Shui

Feng Shui is such a fame word nowadays and every one is going to goggle to search for “famous feng shui master in….”

Let’s ponder a while, what does Fame brings to you feng shui wise? Glamour? What do you really want out of the feng shui consultation? A plague with “My house was feng shui by famous feng shui master …..?”


I am sure most of you want better health, better or smoother career, improved financial standings or even better relationships. How would this be tied to a famous master?

OK, a famous master is Perceived as a capable master! Just be cause he appears on radio show or TV shows or interviewed by BBC or CNBC thus this master must be capable? Sounds logical right? Well it only tells me they have good oratory skills, perhaps good looking, photogenic, an extrovert, likes to be on stage but it does it tell or prove that he/she is a Capable master?

Doesn’t mean a professor in Harvard or Oxford or Wharton schools are billionaires even though theoretically they are well researched and informed! The same goes, I first class degree holder doesn’t guarantee he will make it in life! Most billionaire I know do not even have a Diploma!

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South Facing Craze

Since the feng shui bubble started, many half learned practitioner has always advocate South facing house as the preferred feng shui house facing direction.

What is so nice of South Facing house? Is it just because ancient Chinese Emperor like South?


Forbidden City, Beijing – Facing South

This has pushed the property prices of South facing houses up compared to say West or North facing houses.

I guess this trend has also not escaped the eyes of a country leadership. I have here not one but two top leader of a country orientating their offices to face South. One of them is Malaysia where the office of the Prime minister, Perdana Putra while the other is South Korea’s President official building which is also facing South.

Perdana Putra – South Facing House

Since 2001, the then Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahatir moved in and shortly after he announced his retirement. Tun Abdullah Badawi took over and the ruling coalition lost badly the once usually held 2/3 majority in the parliment. The Malaysian economy is already sluggish. Then the current Prime minister D.S. Najib Razak took over after Tun Abdullah stepped down after a poor election performance, he was accused of mishandling 1MDB, the mystery of Altantuya and also the declining economic performance of Malaysia. As of today the Malaysian Ringgit is at its lowest compared to USD at 4.50 exchange rate & it’s political struggle is causing anxiety among foreign and local investors alike.

If you look at the surroundings land formations and coupled by the reason it is facing South of Sitting Gui Facing Ding, these could be read from the feng shui of the PM Office.

Perdana Putra, Putrajaya

PM Office, Perdana Putra, Putrajaya, Malaysia – South Facing

Here is the Google map view from above, this building is sitting on top of a small hill, a typical landform or San He school formation.

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Yin Feng Shui Downing A Legacy

Yin Feng Shui or Ancestral Feng Shui

It has been sometime that I have not written something on Yin Feng Shui or also known as Ancestral Feng Shui / Burial Feng Shui. This is a very important process in the Chinese tradition because we revered our ancestors very much and hence put in the importance of honoring them even after they have completed their lives here on earth.

As we Chinese belief, this is one of the most powerful method of feng shui that can help a family rise to great heights and also cast a spell on the descendants for many years if done wrongly. This is sometimes a scary thing that most people today decided to cremate rather than bury.

Of course cremation also makes better sense in today’s situation simply due to scarcity of land as well as the high cost associated with burial. After cremating, they can put the ashes into a columbarium.


Example of a Columbarium

Yin Feng Shui is very dependent on the land formations and the skill of the Feng Shui master to select the land which is called a Xue spot 穴. The Xue is considered a good spot with the strong and auspicious energy that can prosper the descendants through the bones of the deceased. Many may find this concept hard to accept but it is a fact and today modern science is able to explain.

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Adios Bing Shen 2016

If I have to choose, then Bing Shen 丙申 is one of the wonderful years for me.

This year there had been many first and major breakthroughs for me. Breakthrough in career as well as my Feng Shui and Bazi career.

In my other than Chinese metaphysics field, it has also been an exciting year as well but I will not dwell too much in this post.

In Feng Shui and Bazi, I have gained many new insights as well as good feedback from clients and students. Successful Feng shui projects, authored and launched my new Book Winds of Change with co-author Mr AuYong, had a few seminar talks for big companies, set ancestral tablet, created my Bazi Divination tool and many more.

As a Teacher

My greatest satisfaction is seeing my student getting results in their lives as well improvements. Those who practice in Bazi or Feng Shui, they have started to give professional consultation and getting good feedback as well. This I guess is one of the best consolation being a teacher.

As a Feng Shui Consultant

When getting feedback from clients about their improvements and most of all clients who keep coming back when they buy new properties. This is one of the best testimonials I get although I don’t get to share them always since most of my clients likes CONFIDENTIALITY and staying low profile.


New Office From Repeating Client

Of course on the flip side, choosing not to be a celebrity master, although better suits my personality but it also means that I can only help the smaller community. Hopefully, I will meet my clients when they are in less worse conditions and not when after they are in bad shape that they have a chance to meet me for a solution.

As a Bazi Consultant

Being able to advice and show clients their weaknesses and strengths is one best way to get them back on track for greater success. Helping husband and wife communicate better, saving broken marriages, pre warning them of impending issues are just some great ways to live life.

Although Bazi method is usually slow as it depends on the person themselves for corrections, their actions in the right path does make an impact in the longer run. This has been proven by people who have been enlightened, with persistence and patience.

As A New Author

Winds of Change is my first book and hope will be the many to come in the future. It was not an easy task as I initially thought because there were many processes Do’s and Don’ts in publishing a book. However, it was a exciting experience.

Winds of Change

But beyond this experience it the noble idea we had together and the passion for it that made us took the plunge to invest both time and money into this endeavour.

I still remember how we lamented on the current state of how Feng Shui and Destiny reading is being sold for huge economic returns. This should not be a problem but unfortunately this art of Chinese metaphysics have been badly twisted, miss represented, over promised, over sold and badly under deliver to the point this art has been labelled as a “black art” where there are many bad experiences. We know because we have met many and corrected many.

There are schools who have thousands and thousands of graduates being produced with big certificates on graduation but hardly could help themselves if not land them into trouble.

So instead of just lamenting, we thought why not do something about it. The end result was this book Winds of Change. We hope this winds of change will improve the image of Feng Shui.

As a Student

Always feel blessed to have my master’s wise guidance and support. Although we have differences in opinion, nonetheless I always feel blessed my masters (Bazi and Feng Shui) are doing well and in good health.

As a Blogger

It gives me a sense of satisfaction that my readers have enjoyed and learn something from my postings. When I started out this blog many years ago, I was very motivated to blog, to bring out more awareness on the practice of feng shui and bazi in hope that less people are cheated. After many years later today, I come to realized that everyone has a mission to fulfill. Just as these people are meant to make others a celebrity rich for a small or no value in return.

As much as I would like to write more, I find it less and less motivated to blog. Time is one reason. The other reason is the lack of motivators. Perhaps the right time has not come.

However, I will continue this effort as I would not want to disappoint my genuine blog followers.

As a Human

As I enjoy a blessed year due to Bazi & Feng shui good Annual energies, I do have few hiccups but this is life, nothing in life is permanent nor perfect. Lessons learned and the wiser I have become. Having client(s) who do not have appreciation is just as annoying as having mosquitoes around. Having results and yet want more is just pure human greed. No wonder they are seldom happy.


Perhaps this says it all…Greed is insatiable.

Be happy with what one gets. It’s already a blessing. Wait till one day they meet a hocus pocus master, they will know what is the meaning of contentment.

Last but not least, I wish all my readers a Merry Christmas & a Wonderful 2017 and may you attain your dreams and enjoy good health.

Best Wishes,

Alan Chong