Dragon Babies for You?

It has been a while since I have blogged on the subject of Bazi. It was until recently that I read an article on Malaysian Newspaper saying that the increased in newborns is anticipated. Just local hospitals too, are seeing an increase in the number of customers since middle of last year.

So what is the craze for Dragon Babies?

Dragon to Chinese community symbolizes many things. Dragon is the heavenly celestrial animal with special divine powers, it is also the symbol of Emperor, great leader and capable of achieving greatness.

I still remember my cousin 12 years ago, planned for a Dragon baby following an advice of a fortune teller, he got it but 12 years down the road, his life had not gone anywhere better!.

In the study of Bazi, the reference element is called the Day Master and not by referencing the year of birth.

The following is a sample of a Bazi Chart:

The Red circle is called the Year while the Green Circled is called the Day Master (DM).

So you see, the chart has 5 other character besides the Year and the Day Master. We have to really read the chart in totality to see if it is really good for us or not.

Then there are people who will get worried if Dragon year will be a good year of bad year for me. Frankly, it will a very generalised prediction when based on Water Dragon as the only information. It can be good or bad depending on your chart.

Every human is unique and so is Bazi eventhough there is a finite number or permutations in Bazi Chart, still the number of combination is so big and big enough to be closed to being unique.

There are interactions between all the elements in the chart with respect to the Day Master. Good or Bad is all in there cos not all will prosper in the Dragon year and same that not it will not be dooms day for all.

My message is don’t be over worried about if Water Dragon is going to be bad to you just because someone says so. Don’t believe that having a dragon baby will prosper you or the baby will be great in life. It has to depend on the entire chart.

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