Man and Gratitude Has a Place in Feng Shui?

What sparks me to write this article was a conversation I had with a colleague. He was lamenting that his son was among the lowest scoring student in the recent final exams in school. He blamed it on the teacher for the fact that his son performed poorly in school.

So I asked him if the teacher gave extra hours to the students that scored top 20 in class. He said no!.

I told him that probably it is not the teacher but his son. Obviously he was not pleased with my remarks but as a colleague I was just telling the possible truth. He then gave many other reason such as students went for tuition etc. Anyway an excuse is an excuse no matter what.

complaint is poverty

Same reason goes to why some student excels in a particular field and the under performing student like asking why the other guy is doing better. They will give many reasons to justify their poor results to the point to blame teachers and headmaster or education system.

The day they own up to their actions, is the day they will transform. Naturally it is always easier and more comforting to blame it on others but the reality is, that to improve life, man must initiate the change, have the courage to admit one’s own weaknesses and strive to improve on them.

Man should learn to appreciate their teacher’s time and effort. Nobody owe you a living, by complaining and taking no actions brings us no where in life.


It is the same in Destiny Consulting. Whether it is Palmistry or Bazi (4 Pillar) our character flaws are revealed. Until the day we overcome it, our lives will not improve. Of course if your luck cycle has arrived then one is considered lucky. What if it comes when one is at the age of 80? Then life is said to be wasted since one cannot capitalized it to the fullest.

Every man regardless how a great a Feng Shui Master he is, everyone is subjected to their own Destiny. Our character is part of our Destiny. Correcting our character is changing destiny. Stopping our greed, hatred, jealousy and pettiness is also changing our Destiny.

God created this world without a solution, it is just we have to “see” it, understand it, accept it and work on it.

Road to success

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