Palmistry – An Effective Career Guidance Tool

They say there are many ways to skin a cat – while this may sound cruel, the moral behind is noble indeed. There are many ways to do something or go about doing something or achieve the end.

Most of the time people come for destiny consultancy, they are searching for answers, answers beyond a logic mind can think of. Thankfully, there are many tools to achieve this end. The question is always about the accuracy and it’s relevance to reality.

One may use Bazi (4 Pillar) , Purple Star Astrology a.k.a. Zi Wei Dou Shu but I like using Palmistry. The results is always accurate and fast. The face maybe covered by make up, one may fake a smile, the hour of birth maybe questionable but the palm does not lie.

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Man and Gratitude Has a Place in Feng Shui?

What sparks me to write this article was a conversation I had with a colleague. He was lamenting that his son was among the lowest scoring student in the recent final exams in school. He blamed it on the teacher for the fact that his son performed poorly in school.

So I asked him if the teacher gave extra hours to the students that scored top 20 in class. He said no!.

I told him that probably it is not the teacher but his son. Obviously he was not pleased with my remarks but as a colleague I was just telling the possible truth. He then gave many other reason such as students went for tuition etc. Anyway an excuse is an excuse no matter what.

complaint is poverty

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