Silver Lining for Italy ?

It has been a while I posted something on Bazi. Today I have tried to put by rusted skills back into use. Hope you will enjoy this post.

Matteo Renzi, Italy new Prime Minister, youngest of all Italian Prime Minister only at the age of 39. At the time when the Italian is at historic low, everyone from all walks of life is turning to him for hope to revive ailing economy. Unemployment at this time is high at 12.9%.

Let’s look at his Bazi or Birth Chart. He was born on 11 January 1975 at Wei Hour.


Renzi, A Ding fire day master born in the month of Chou in the year of the Jia Yin,started his political career in 1996 when he joined the Italian People party and in just 3 years he became the Provincial Secretary in 1999. He caught attention when in 2004 when he was elected President of province of Florence.

Just after five years, he was elected Mayor of Florence and now 4+ years apart, he is the 56th Prime Minister of Italy since the unification in 1861.


What makes this guy special from the Bazi point of view?

Being a strong Ding Fire, he is person with good focus and charming personality. Coupled by the fact he was born in the year of Yin (Tiger) he has great independence, brave and is confident of taking risk.  This Fire sits on Si (Snake) accentuate his charming personality. He will be a person full of ideas and smart.

Born in the Earth Eating God month, he will be a balance person when it comes to execution. He is not an extremely hard working person or will he be a relaxed person. His constant worries will keep himself on the check at all times.

At work, Renzi will be a person who will be focused on driving improvements.

But what makes him to achieve such achievement? Chinese always believe that 1st is Destiny (Bazi), 2nd is Luck and 3rd Feng Shui, 3 important criteria to a person’s success in life. While we do not know his house feng shui, let’s see what we can get out of his Bazi and Luck.

Ding fire born in the cold month of Chou has always the support of Wood that it will never be exhausted. Being helped by the Si, the environment will not be that cold and this helps the Jia to thrive on the land of Chou. With the presence of 2 other Ding fire, Renzi is sure to find support easily from his peers.

What about his luck cycle?

In 2003, he entered the luck of Geng Wu, Geng can cut the Jia to feed the Ding. It can be said that he uses his assets or even business opportunity to fund his ideas and with the support of his friends, he makes his team thrive. You can also interpret in other ways but more or less it is with money and idea and support of friends that things happen and happened well.

Come 2013, his luck becomes Xin Wei. The Wei has a clash with the Chou. What does this clash brings to him. This clash brings a few things but among the more important one is this clash his enemies are controlled. His gossips are also reduced due to this clash. Perhaps this has helped him moved up even faster. This current luck, Xin which is also his Indirect wealth can bring many business or money opportunities to him and hence to the nation in general. This Xin will also bring Fame to him.

The good news for Italians are the possibilities that he will bring to Italy, don’t you think so?

Then one is likely to ask, is Renzi for the nation or more for himself?

For this we have to study his inner character or desires. Authority and Wealth are some of his primary strong desires and this I believe has helped him moved up the ladder fast. His wades using both to improve his chances too for political gains.

The abundance of Fire element in his bazi also helps to give him a strong sense of helping his friends and comrade.

But how would his subjects think of him?

Subjects can be read as Output meaning Eating God or Hurting Officers. In his case, it will be the Eating god to represent his subjects.  While it is likely that his subjects bring him the support he needed during this luck, they will be rather sceptical because, Ding is never good in producing earth in his chart. This is contrary to the common belief that fire produces wood. This is to say, Renzi is not easily giving comfort to the minds of his subjects. He has to prove to them by concrete actions and results. If this is done successfully, his subject, the Earth, will bring more support to him.

To help Renzi to govern better, what kind of actions will be better since he has 2 types of earth in his chart represented by the Chou and Wei.

In his case, both types of action is good but Actions with the younger generation in focus will better. If he sets policy that focus on stricter laws, tightening rules, etc then he will fall out of favor akin to actions that is detrimental to self.

I believe Italy is in good hands.

Finally, it will be good that the government office to apply Feng shui to enhance the prosperity of Italy for if the Feng Shui is no good, it will also inhibit the quick recovery of the economy.

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