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A business owner came to me some months ago in Kuala Lumpur. Her business was down for some years after having a feng shui job done by a famous master. The first year was alright but then later the business slowly went down hill. Feeling some is not right, she did her research and found me.

She is correct, feng shui outcome is a trend, if done correctly it should not show a down trend unless it’s a human issue but in her case, it is not.

When I went to her shop, it was quiet but she told me it was not like this in the beginning since she has been operating her business here for more than 15 years. It was after the feng shui changes it went slow and despite all the expensive feng shui “cures”, things did not improved. What went wrong ? Are cures a workable feng shui solution?

The Feng Shui Hand

This was a premise sitting East facing West close to North West. The cashier was beside the door on the White Tiger side and out side in front was a vast piece of empty land. Thus it is said to have a good ming tang (clear frontage). But same time last two years there was some construction work on going that was soon blocking off the wide area. Many friends speculated it is due to the new building that caused the business slow down.

After studying her land formations and facing, I decided I can do some adjustment to the cashier position. I consider this a fortunate case that something is still doable or that can be rectified without having to move out. Thus by matching the Earth & Man factor, I hope to turn around her stagnant business and revive her once promising business.

Months Later….

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Dragon’s Breath

A True Sheng Ji Effects



Dragon’s Qi is believed to have the ability to alter a person’s destiny over time. Precisely why it is called a Dragon’s qi is because Dragon is an celestial animal that stays in heaven. Thus a dragon is a symbol of heaven’s representation. Thus why in ancient China only the Emperor are allowed to use the dragon symbol . This is because Emperor is the viewed as the Mandate of Heaven and dragon is used to represent the symbol of power mandated given by heaven.

However this same term, Dragon is also used in Feng Shui to denote the movement of the mountains that carry the Qi or energy, hence is also known as the Dragon’s Qi or Dragon’s Breath.


A mother was rather apprehensive of her daughter’s weak body. After the first miscarriage, the daughter was rather sad and depressed. This has affected her marriage and her relationship with her husband and in-laws.


The mother came to seek my advice and I told her she can give Sheng Ji a try.

Tombstone 墓碑

The Sheng ji was designed according to traditional method as taught by our grand masters. An auspicious date 吉日 was selected to erect the tombstone 墓碑. The tombstone is important because without a tombstone the effect is not as strong as the one with a well feng shui and aligned tombstone.

Yin Feng Shui Principles

Having a tombstone is rather important as it serves as the External Qi collector. Without a tombstone, the only Qi it receives is the Internal Qi. When both Internal and External Qi is harmonized, only the Sheng Ji can produce better results.

Slowly over the months, things started to change for her. Starting from her relationship with the husband, then the in-laws and followed by the pregnancy. However, this is not yet the climax of the story.

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Case Study, Feng Shui, Testimony

House Facing – A REAL Case Study

Determining Facing is one the most difficult process for many feng shui practitioner. It is also one of the important steps in Feng shui audit of any building especially commercial units and high rise units. Landed houses are still in my opinion relatively an easy task.

What makes matter worse is that today’s architects are coming out with creative building designs that makes our job ever harder as a Feng Shui Consultant. Unfortunately, we cannot skip this step too.

We have no choice but to bite the bullet and find out the facing of the building in order to know the facing direction of that building. We have to be very careful at this step. If we do it wrong, then the whole analysis will be flawed and risk our client’s future unless one is just doing it purely for the money.

How to Determine the Facing of the Building?

Here is a real case my student from East Malaysia (Borneo) consulted me. It is a very intriguing case since it is a new building back then and there is no history of occupants.

This multiple level building is shaped in a L formation, if you see from the top. Outside this building is a busy road junction and in the middle there is Water Fountain Splashing most of the day time. However the office is at level 3 and can accessed from both sides the stairs behind or from the convex side X of the building or through the door facing the Fountain at ground level.

At the side X is a forest bush further back and a small open car park in between.

House Facing

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Tick Tock Tick Tock – Timing In Feng Shui

There is timing in feng shui, let me share with you a real story that unfortunately happened to me!

Many like to think that Feng Shui results is something that should be quick and understandably more so when one is in a desperate position.

Some years back a friend of mine seek my assistance to help her since her companion was out of job and being an elder in the oil and gas industry they were naturally worried about their income position.

After studying their house layout and directions and the surrounding landform, I concluded the house feng shui is generally below par. However, since a desperate friend asked for a favour I obliged and asked them to shift into another room. They did as I advised. So they waited and off and on she will contact me to ask why he hasn’t got a job yet. It is rather sad that desperation has set into her and this is even more sad because she is a student of feng shui.

Being shallow in their feng shui knowledge I did not bother to explain in depth but just told her to continue sending letters out for job application and do something so this increases the chances. Furthermore, the industry just had a down turn it will be unlikely to rehire immediately right? I have a feeling she thinks I am kind a bluffing her as she was probably expecting that the potential employer to call her companion and offer him a job!

Categorically, there are many people who thinks in this way and that is one of the reason that probably motivated them to learn this art for they hope to have free lunches everyday.

In my opinion, this is the wrong reason to learn feng shui! Its better to ask God directly for he has the absolute power to do that for them. If He would He would have granted mankind this long ago.

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The Beauty of Real Feng Shui

Feng Shui is such a fame word nowadays and every one is going to goggle to search for “famous feng shui master in….”

Let’s ponder a while, what does Fame brings to you feng shui wise? Glamour? What do you really want out of the feng shui consultation? A plague with “My house was feng shui by famous feng shui master …..?”


I am sure most of you want better health, better or smoother career, improved financial standings or even better relationships. How would this be tied to a famous master?

OK, a famous master is Perceived as a capable master! Just be cause he appears on radio show or TV shows or interviewed by BBC or CNBC thus this master must be capable? Sounds logical right? Well it only tells me they have good oratory skills, perhaps good looking, photogenic, an extrovert, likes to be on stage but it does it tell or prove that he/she is a Capable master?

Doesn’t mean a professor in Harvard or Oxford or Wharton schools are billionaires even though theoretically they are well researched and informed! The same goes, I first class degree holder doesn’t guarantee he will make it in life! Most billionaire I know do not even have a Diploma!

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Case Study, Testimony

West Facing House Feng Shui Case

This is another nice contribution of Feng Shui case audited by our student.

Method used: Wu Chang Flying Star Feng Shui System

Property type: Landed House.

In the Beginning

During Period 7 (1984-2003), this family had enjoyed abundance of wealth luck. Mr. L was running printing business, and there were several workers working under him.

However, after 2003, his business was getting to decline, and he was forced to move his shop to somewhere else due to the increasing of shop rental. Besides than this, his health was deteriorating and he was diagnosed as having liver cancer.

In September 2006 (丙戌), Mr. L passed away, and his eldest son, Mr. A inherited his printing business. Since then, there was no improvement at all with his business, and he had to suffer financial debts with many suppliers.

The Consulting

I audited their house during 2015 (乙未). Observed the main door was having untimely PO JUN star (Star #7). From the formation, I believed there will be high incidents of leg injury & indeed during discussion with Mr. A, he always injured his legs when doing heavy exercise.

Furthermore, the Stove was located at the GEN sector, with sickness combination. When the stove was sucking bad energy, it would cause sickness to the occupants. The newly wed Mrs. A always fall ill since she moved in to the house, especially in 2015 (乙未). The wrongly placed stove further weakens the health of the occupants.

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Feng Shui Rules, The Apartment Case

Here is an real case from a contributing student:

This is a case of a apartment/condominium type. Condominium Feng Shui Consulting work is one of the most tricky unit to audit because of several factors.

  1. The modern and complicated structures unlike traditional landed house where the facing is more obvious.
  2. In the old days, there were no condominiums so feng shui rules did not explicitly show examples of it. Thus self studied masters will have difficulties to determine the facing for apartments or condominiums.

Note: Identity and some details have been remove for privacy reasons.

This is a condominium occupied by a couple and the man’s father. They have staying in this rather newly built condominium couple of years ago. Since moving in about 3 years ago, I went to audit this condominium in 2015.

This condominium has 2 doors, one at the balcony and the other the entry door from the walkway. Unfortunately, the entry door is having bad qi. Ever since he stayed in this house, Mr N financial situation has been on the downward slope and even had accumulated some bad debts.

2015 was indeed a unfortunate year for Mr N. He sufferred from skin rashes apart from the loss of wealth. This is because the Stove was placed wrongly and aggravated the skin rashes. The loss of wealth is due to the arrival of the Annual bad stars and the undue activation from the ongoing construction on the West sector of this property. (Remember he already has bad door. Bad stars meeting bad stars will result in loss of wealth)

2015 Annual Star

Furthermore, I noticed there was a mountain at the NW sector, which I believed it caused the owner of the house to acquire bad habits. Mr. N admitted he had bad gambling habit.

The wife suffered hand rheumatism because I have noticed the bed placement is incorrect.

Elder Mr B was was fit as fiddle when he moved into this unit. I advised him to relocate his sleeping place but he insisted that he is staying put as he is comfortable with it then.

Few months passed. After followed my recommendations to put water at the auspicious sectors & changed the bed positions, Mr. N told me his financial situation was getting better, and he was hoping this situation would remain the same in the future. To mitigate the bad star, Mr. N also followed my suggestion by putting the remedy at the main door.

I was elated when Mr. N shared this news to me. Nevertheless, after 2 months passed, the happy moments were short-lived, as Mr. B fell sick and was admitted into hospital frequently, due to lung complication. When I heard this news, immediately I suggested Mr. B to move to another room, in order to get auspicious Qi. Knowing that his son, Mr. N was in the midst of receiving good wealth luck, superstitiously he did not dare to make any changes, and was very reluctant to move to the suggested room. Mr. B was admitted again this time, after few weeks discharged from hospital (Mr. B showed sign of improvement, when he was recovering at the hospital).

Around Feb 2016, I felt totally let down, when the news of passing of Mr. B reached to me. Honestly, I felt disappointed, as I couldn’t help Mr. B to recover his sickness, and yet at the same time, managed to improve his family financial matters. To my surprise, before his passing, I got to know that Mr. B did actually shifted to another room, but it was not the room, which I had suggested earlier. The bed room was having untimely bad door [9-7] which is also not favourable for his sickness and during the month, negative Po Jun star (Star #7) arrived at the bed room sector. On the actual day of his passing, negative Black Ju Men (Star #2) arrived at the bed room’s door while, star #3 reached the bed position/sector,  Mr. B passed away due to multiple internal organs failure, including of lung complication.

Contributed by our graduate, Victor Ho

Commentary on Apartment Feng Shui:

Being a Feng Shui Consultant, is a very noble endeavor, however, we do have our sad days but many of which are beyond our control. Client needed to act, be honest and cooperate but then again this is sometimes perhaps, is the Will of Heaven or act of Human. Which ever way you choose to see it, things could have been avoided because it can be predicted.

To be able to predict, one needs to learn the correct method of feng shui because a wrong diagnosis leads to a wrong prescription. This is the main reason why most feng shui consultancy do not produce results.

Feng Shui Cures

Feng Shui Cures is never good feng shui strategy. It only reduces the problem or trying to contain the problem but not eliminating the problem. It is like patching a shirt with a hole.

Feng Shui Prediction & Destiny

Feng shui has influence in our daily lives whether one believes in it or not. We humans, have the rightful will to decide. Perhaps Destiny has fated it but can man alter his own destiny? Many a time it is possible but man has to decide & choose which path he will thread on.

Our forefathers of feng shui has clearly mentioned the feng shui rule, “Do not divulge the secrets of Heaven”. What it means is the we are not supposed to interfere with the person’s destiny. I think we can advice but ultimately the person has to take his own decision or pick his own choice, so in this way we do not interfere with the person’s destiny or karma.

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Green Dragon Overrun

Clients and students that has been doing consulting asked why San He Feng Shui does not work well. Well I guess it boils down to the practitioner and not the art.

There could be a few reasons to this,

  1. The practitioner did not learn the correct lineage knowledge.
  2. In experienced
  3. Wrong method or self discovered method or unproven method
  4. Self learn or studied from books
  5. Did not understand well the theory & the underlying fundamental instrument of each theory.

There are a myriad of factors that can affect the quality of a house Feng Shui. Today I am going to share one part of this case. It is a property located in a up-scale area where many rich people live. It was a case some years back.

I summarize the house chart below.

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Celeb Feng Shuied

Recently I audited a factory up north of Kuala Lumpur, nearby the capital town Perak State, Ipoh. This factory has an interesting story behind but more importantly a lesson to learn from.

About 5 years ago, a new owner Robert (name changed) who was doing well then, bought over this factory and engaged a well known Feng Shui Consultancy Company from Kuala Lumpur to audit this factory in hope of further prospering the business. A senior consultant cum who happened to be also a course instructor from that company was dispatched to audit this factory. I shall briefly share some of the information here.

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When The Sun Rises From The East

Here is a real case of a Period 7 house Sitting NW3 Facing SE3 (亥山巳向) This is one easy case to demonstrate how to use Flying Star Feng Shui to do a prediction.

It is an office waiting to go for renovation after an Feng Shui consultation done in June 2015. However, the auspicious date selected is sometime soon and they are in need of fresh sales. The sales manager asked me about a deal the have put in a great deal of effort and have been  following up and yet have not got any good results thus far.

I told him Oct 2015 (10th month of the solar calendar) is likely month when the good news will arrive. This week he informed me that they got the good news last week. The analysis as below.

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