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Qi Flow, The San Yuan Path

Once I was dealt with a very difficult project. The sales situation with the retail business was not in good shape and it has been on the decline since a few months.The main door was affected with inauspicious sha (煞气) energy and this was one of the cause of the slow down.

Perhaps a stroke of affinity, that this client managed to locate and trusted me to help improve the business. After studying the layout and business, I found a way to minimize the cost of renovation and same time can improve the flow of auspicious Qi to improve the business.

Sales improvements
Actual Results: Red Line – Averages before Changes, Green Line – Average after Changes

The Qi Flow Improvement Results

Its a concept called Qi Flow. There are various schools of Feng shui and thus each school has their own concept of Qi Flow. In San Yuan schools of thoughts there is also a Qi Flow concept.

Apart from the above improved trend, the sales compared to next the previous month is a jump of 16% in mere 3.5 weeks after changes implemented. So what made this improvement possible?

The Initial Qi Flow

The initial arrangements created Qi contra flow, thus resulting the Sha Qi circulating and grew stronger and that was the first reason why the business wasn’t doing well. The second reason was the house was out of timing thus limiting the amount of auspicious Qi and the 3rd reason is the presence of the malignant Qi of 5 Yellow but due to the business situation, a major make over is not possible at this point. Thus I have to look for alternative ways and after careful study, with some minor changes, I believe we can improve the auspicious Qi quality using the Qi Flow method.

The Feng Shui Alteration

I requested them to re arrange the tables and cabinet creating what the Liu Fa method called Castle Gate method and taking into consideration of the energy flow to further enhance the auspicious Qi. Having the auspicious Qi being circulated in a more auspicious path so the positive Qi will be enhanced, much like a vortex of turbo compressor.

When auspicious Qi is enhanced, the situation will slowly improve. I also encouraged them to put in

The Improve Qi Flow based on Real Flying Star Feng Shui system.

more effort in marketing as well as review their product offering to suit the community they are serving to further boost sales.

Does Feng Shui Work?

How important is Qi flow method in Feng Shui? It is very important and one of the most effective method to improve the strength of auspicious Qi. It is one of the vital bloodline of Feng Shui apart from the main door and land formations.

Feng Shui that works will show results usually within months and continue the trend till it reaches it limit over a period of time. The limit could be the owner destiny limit, could also be his human effort limit. Remember this, everything in this world comes under the ambit of HEAVEN – EARTH – MAN.

Heaven Earth Man

Thus it is just a matter of time especially if we talk about financial improvements or increased traffic flow for businesses. This case is a little special as it showed results in just weeks.

Other matters such as relationship, health etc may take a longer time since Feng Shui is only energy but it needs a physical medium to transform into real RESULTS. A person who has a weak kidney cannot be cured within months, it make take years under constant care but it is possible.

Business is a multi discipline thing. It is not solely dependent on Feng Shui. Running a successful business also rest on good locations, good marketing strategy, having motivated staffs, right consumer product offerings, right pricing strategy etc to make it successful. However, in my years as a Feng Shui consultant, no doubt, Feng Shui has strong influence on the business performance.

A good example sighted recently is Avenue K (beside KLCC), strategic location but could not draw crowds compared to Mid Valley mega mall where there are no LRT (light rail transit) connecting directly to the mall.

It is the hidden hand that turn the tides. Since we cannot feel it, cannot measure it, can’t see it, can’t smell it, it is often gone unnoticed by many and hence not given due emphasis or attention. With the correct Feng shui method applied and coupled by having the right consultant, business improvement is possible.

Of course, Feng Shui Works!. (Subjected to the correct method deployed and executed by all parties)