Advance Flying Star Course

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Looking for a Feng Shui School that it’s method consistently works? Search no more! At Central Academy of Feng Shui (CAFS) under the guidance of Grandmaster Francis Leyau, you can be sure your level of expertise will reach a Professional Level.

This course is based on real case studies on audits done by Master Yen Pen.

-Case Studies on houses seen by Master Yen Pen where residents caught illnesses and were unable to recover due to poor Feng Shui layout. Not many schools can consistently define this. Why? and what is the secret?

– Recommendations done to the house and factory by Master Yen Pen on various encounters thus resulting good immediate results. Which method did Master Yen Pen used that is different?

– Numerous examples of poor bed and door positioning resulted in contacting infectious disease. Which way of bed positioning?

– Cases on how business owners prosper tremendously due to good feng shui. Is it by water fountain or….?

– Cases on why businesses still failed even though with good Feng Shui.

– Cases on misfortune happened to families living under one roof. Is it the compartment, the placement of bed or door?

– Examples of Master Yen Pen good understandings of the Old Classics texts, which enable him to unravel the true Feng Shui applications.

– All the real case studies will enable you to apprehend and to learn the meaning of Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui to the utmost.

Frankly, many has tried to understand his works but many was not able to comprehend it simply because you need a master from the same lineage to fully appreciate it’s profound knowledge.

So come join us on this revelation on this 4 days course in  the comfort of the classroom and yet fully understand the above. Once you have acquired the knowledge, a breakthrough will come.

For more information, email fengshuimastery@hotmail.my

Monthly FengShui

Flying Star August…

Another month is approaching and in the Chinese Solar Calendar it will be on the 8th Aug when we enter the month of the Fire Monkey (丙申).

Here is the Flying Star Chart:


What’s installed this month.

Seems like South East Doors can have good returns whether is monetary forms or even recognition or promotion installed.

East Doors be extra careful especially males to take extra precaution to avoid accidents. Take time to think and do things, don’t rush. Wear Goggles when working on machines where applicable.

South Doors, all sickness will recover in this month or shows significant progress in recuperation.

We will be having a year end webminar on 2012 Feng Shui Afflictions.
Please leave your contact and we shall inform you the date and time.

Flying Star course coming Aug in Singapore…for enquiries please email fengshuimastery@hotmail.my

Monthly FengShui

Flying Star July….

Another Month is Coming and we are half way into the year…so if you want to catch up your goals this is the time. Go for it!

This monthly Qi will change on the  7th July.

Lets see what is installed for us this month…Star 3 flies into center palace giving us the following chart.

Wow…South Facing Houses have to be extra careful…nasty events can happen. Take extra precaution. If your door does not have good natal chart, please take this advice seriously.

Stay really low profile, drive slow, dont jump the red lights, stay away from dark alleys etc…

If there are construction outside your house then chances are really high! So be aware!!!!

The same rule remains, East and West Sector of the house, no renovation nor any cement work allow the entire year.

Date Selection

Date Selection – the continuation…

It has been a while since the last post on Date selection and as promised this time I shall talk a little on San Sha (3 Killings).

San Sha in date selection has a few meanings. First, there is the first version which categorize it into Robbery Sha, Calamity Sha & Annual Sha. So violating the San Sha (3 killings), one will be entangled with these 3 kinds of problems.

Another version says that San Sha just simply means the Weakest Energy of the Year. So naturally one will not one to be using the weakest energy because they are useless and weak energy bring problems more than benefits. Which ever reason you subcribe to, still violating the San Sha is disastrous.

San Sha changes location every year. This year in the Year of Mao or Rabbit (2011), San Sha is in the West. Next Year in 2012 San Sha moves to South and so on.

Even Months have their on San Sha. Similarly, the location changes by the month. Month San Sha too have significant impact on the  date selected.

One of the most important task in date selection is to avoid a San Sha when selecting for personal endeavours.

In Feng Shui application,  any house sitting on San Sha should avoid having any form of activities in and around the house. It can be from moving in, establishing altars, renovation and so on….

Violating San Sha can lead to many calamities including robbery, accidents, fined, lawsuit depending what your house feng shui is being afflicted and your destiny chart.

So the final parting words are selecting good date begins by avoiding bad dates. By avoiding bad timing of san Sha, you are already avoided unnecessary problems. By having No problems really gives you a piece of mind allows you to focus &  go all out to achieve the goals you have set.

Important events, is it necessary to have a good auspicious date the help you accelerate your efforts, it is like going on a path of least resistance. I cannot convince you until you have experience it yourself. I believe because I have experienced it many times.

For a feng shui audit, write to qimgmt@yahoo.com

Feng Shui, Monthly FengShui

Flying Star May 2011…

This Month of the Water Snake  ( 癸 巳 ) will start from the 6th of May.  I post here the flying star for this month.

This month Houses facing North will be in general auspicious facing.

Other favourable location will be NE and NW.

Enterpreneurs having the office located in this sector of NW, good deals can be made here.

Ok, South Facing houses has to be careful of health issues. Expecting mothers are adviced not to be sleeping in this room. If your bazi is also showing signs, baby’s health may be affected.

Feng Shui

House Feng Shui: Why is it so important?

There have been so much talk about Feng Shui of  the  house. I would like to share a real story from one of my audit I have done many years ago. Names have been altered to maintain privacy.

This client of mind, Mr A was doing fine till the bought a house 4 years before he consulted me. He did extensive renovation on that house and extended the front part of the house.

4 years down the road, his career suffered from all kinds of problems. Bad working relations at work, the boss wasnt supportive and lots of politicking. As a result of this, he suffered from long term depression and stress turning him to suffer from mental disorder.

That house was broken in twice and each time they lost some fair bit despite the fact they had alarm system.

So when I was at the house, before even using the loupan, the house is obviously not a good house from the built up of that house.

After measuring & plotting the chart, it becomes obvious that the house is taking in Bad Energy. Then I cross reference back to their Bazi/Phat Chee, they seems to be going thru average luck only.

So what is wrong with the house?

Firstly, the door was in the bad location & this is a real bad door and all kind of obstacles.

Then the bedroom was in the robbery sector, so how can that be good?

What makes it worse is that this the 2 areas that they spent most of their time in the house.

What is the take home point?

1. House feng shui involves the take in of energy and if it takes in good or auspicious energy then the occupants will benefit.

2. House feng shui takes time to effect especially when it doesnt have the strength from date selection. Now the danger is here, it “eats” into you inch by inch day after day…..the effect takes in so minute that you probably will not notice it within a short period of time.

3. It exist! so for those skeptics out there, apart from having a good set of destiny chart or bazi, having good feng shui is equally important. They both aggregate to make the you today…for good or for worse.

Part 2…i will share a little about the remedy and solution…and what happened to him.

Monthly FengShui

Flying Star April 2011…

This month begins on the 5th of April. In the Solar Calendar it is the beginning of Clear Bright Sky. Most Chinese will be going to ancestor’s grave for a spring cleaning and to remember the ancestors. This is the influence of Confucious teachings.

 Seems like the West sector is the most auspicious sector.Use it for business purpose or even planning for wedding. However, not suitable for any ground breaking as long East facing houses.

North Doors is susceptible to arguments so have extra restraint on what ever you want to say.

Feng Shui, Monthly FengShui

Flying Star March 2011…

This is “double month” because the Month Chart is exactly as the Year Chart.

This means double the auspicious or double the trouble.

If you are already feeling the bad effects suggest you minimise or stay out of that area for 1 month till the 4th of April.

April’s chart will be a interesting one with a 5-4 combo.. stay tune to find out.

Feng Shui

Celebrity using Feng Shui ? Read on…


“Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.” Buddha…

Feng Shui

Some important Feng Shui Advice before we step into 2011

Coming Feb 4th 2011, we usher in the year of of the Metal Rabbit (Xin Mao) year.

In my last article, I have shared the general Flying Star for 2011 and now I will write a little for those who are familiar with 8 Mansion or Bazhai feng shui which is more commonly known by lay people as the East/West Group method.

While most people say that 8 Mansion is not time dependant, it is not true at all. 8 Mansion Feng Shui is not time dependant in that the stars in 8 mansion doesn’t change it’s usefulness over time but each year give each stars different strengths.

For 2011, Sheng Qi and Fu Wei star will be strong for the favourable stars while 5 ghost star will be strong this year.  Again I caution readers as I am generalizing since different house orientation gives slight variation.

The weaker ones will be Tian Yi and Huo Hai.

So those who are in business or wishing to advance their career, Sheng Qi will be helpful. If you wish to have smoother life, remove stress or embarking in a creative career then Fu Wei star can be very useful to you.

If you looking for a house, make sure the house door is at Sheng Qi location if you are looking for prosperity. You may check out my e book on Lulu.com

To know your house for next 12 months in 2011, get a report for only USD35 and know what is in for you. Just email qimgmt@yahoo.com and will advice you how to pay. However, this is not a feng shui consultation.

The Report will show you the strengths of you house’s energy for the next 12 months and enabling you to tap different energies when it is at it’s peak level for maximum effect. This will put you ahead of those who only knows basic 8 Mansion Feng Shui. Timing…timing….timing.

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