“The major value in life is not what you get. The major value in life is what you become.” — Jim Rohn

This is a profound phrase. Ponder on it…

What you become…is the key point in this phrase and can be found in your Bazi, your destiny will be reflected in life.

So it is not whether you will be come the next millionaire or CEO of a major Multi National Company but rather how have you progressed from day 1 till now. What experience have you gained and how you have helped others and yourself to be better in your life.

Bazi’s objective is to better understand yourself till the subconcious level. You improve on the weak points, enhance your strengths or what we call “Useful God” (用 神).

So Bazi is not merely a Destiny Anaylsis to know what is coming nor what I will become (milestone) but also what you can do to be a better person like for example, to built your inherit strengths and find the path of least resistance or avoid some paths that is not meant for you. If you have to thread the path that is not meant for you, you have to suit the environment rather than to expect the environment to suit us!

The earlier you know the better the result will be because any changes to our believe system and character will take a while…

We can through Bazi Analysis tell you that….email for more information.

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