Monthly FengShui

Flying Star August…

Another month is approaching and in the Chinese Solar Calendar it will be on the 8th Aug when we enter the month of the Fire Monkey (丙申).

Here is the Flying Star Chart:


What’s installed this month.

Seems like South East Doors can have good returns whether is monetary forms or even recognition or promotion installed.

East Doors be extra careful especially males to take extra precaution to avoid accidents. Take time to think and do things, don’t rush. Wear Goggles when working on machines where applicable.

South Doors, all sickness will recover in this month or shows significant progress in recuperation.

We will be having a year end webminar on 2012 Feng Shui Afflictions.
Please leave your contact and we shall inform you the date and time.

Flying Star course coming Aug in Singapore…for enquiries please email

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