Feng Shui

Understanding Flying Star

Talking about Flying Star, everyone in the Feng Shui world all talking about it. So what is Flying Star is all about….

Flying Star Feng Shui is based on the movement of the earth around the sun and through the observation of the stars that they derive the theory of Flying stars.

Flying star is the subset of the Xuan Kong which means time and space feng shui but flying star came much later than the Form Feng Shui which is mainly the San He or Three Harmony School. You can also say to some truth that Flying Star built upon San He discovery.

In Flying star feng shui, the emphasis on the dimension of space with respect to time and that feng shui is changing over a period of time blocks and varies from year to year and even month to month. Now this is also the true reflection about our lives isnt it?

The changing position of stars  influence the energy in one house and determine the events in each house. So you can see why the behaviour of people changes over time and various events happening over the length of stay in the house.

With knowledge of flying stars you can also see how the rise and fall of the wealth in each house.  Many claim that flying star belongs to the art of divination which is not true. It is the nature of the stars that influence the humans just like the moon can influence human and wolfs!

Some also claim that Form schools and Xuan Kong school are two separate schools. The fact is Xuan Kong added in the heavenly space and time onto the land forms and also put much more emphasis onto the heavenly part. You may say that the San Yuan built on the San He method.

Can it benefit us if we possess the knowledge of Flying Star?

Yes, indeed it does, provided you have the true knowledge of San Yuan Flying Star.

Have you ever wondered why you have worked hard and have all the necessary skills but always have lacked that opportunity?

This is because the energy of the house affects the tenant’s mood & the opportunities coming forth. Then the equation can only be completed.

Effort * Skills * Motivation * Opportunities = Success

Many a times, when I ask clients, this house has this and that they puzzle as to how I know. They will think that I have some kind of divine power but the fact is that from the house Feng Shui, you can tell.

Next…I will talk a little how houses are access using Flying star point.

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