Advance Flying Star Feng Shui

This is the continuation of the Flying Star Feng Shui Course and is the natural progression to upgrade one’s skill.

Advance Flying Star Course is primarily based on the works of our Grandmaster Yen Pen. Before he became a monk, he was known as Eu See Yin .
Master Eu See Yin @ Yen Pen was one of Master T’an Yang Wu’s disciples. Having learnt all that he could from his mentor and acquired practical experiences, Master Eu See Yin @ Yen Pen authored three books for sale. His first book appeared on the shelves in the late 1920’s. Three of the books were entitled “Theory and Case Studies on Yang Feng Shui”. A third book which had the same title as the pervious two was written by one of his disciples when Master Eu See Yin @ Yen Pen was in China, the recorded case studies on Yin andYang Feng Shui, 宅实験 (ErZhaiShiYan).
His first book contained 195 case studies and his second book had 260. These case studies included the name of the occupants, the addresses of the premises, the ‘nature’ of the year, the month and the resultant effects before inspection and the results after correction. The places he covered were far and wide. He covered all the provinces in China, Borneo, Java and Sumatra, Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, India and Thailand. The case studies were analyzed and recorded, making them an invaluable source for research, which also made the school a class above other schools of Feng Shui which did not have similar documentations. In pages 408 to 410 of his second book, there is a case study on the Kek Lok Si Temple in Penang, which many people may be familiar with.   
What You Will Learn: 
– Understanding the theory of referencing the Qi from an object. – Diverting of the Qi in determination of the cause. – Actual calculations of the Xuan Kong time factor in determination the time of happening. – Actual understanding of a person’s life Gua for interactions with flying stars. – Understand the House’s Gua for interaction with flying stars. – Predication of Tai Sui on events happened. – Predication of Flying Star Feng Shui resulting good or bad effects on the people. – Real examples of landforms and movement circulations in supporting the theory of Flying Stars Feng Shui. – Comparing Incoming road and Out going road. – 9 stars to the place of incident. – In-depth understanding of Classical Remedies. – In-depth study of house elements relating to the 9 stars. – Meaning of taping in good Qi by location and direction. – The meaning of harmonizing the stars. – Meaning of producing in or out and transformation of 9 stars. – The effect of “auspicious” external wind. – The significance of good house formation. – Direct effect of 9 stars to the house and its occupants. – The correct method to remedy 2,5 and 7 . – Actual interpretation of Master Yen Pen Poem from his case studies by Grandmaster Francis Leyau. – All the examples were clearly documented by Master Yen Pen in his own diary but by his own understanding, which will require a master from his own lineage to understand and interpret. – You will learn the ability to understand and reason Master Yen Pen actual theories.
Course Structure:

-Case Studies on houses seen by Master Yen Ben where residents caught illnesses and were unable to recover due to poor Feng Shui layout.
– Recommendations done to the house and factory by Master Yen Ben on various encounters thus resulting good immediate results.
– Numerous examples of poor bed and door positioning resulted in contacting infectious disease.
– Cases on how business owners prosper tremendously due to good feng shui.
– Cases on why businesses still failed even though with good Feng Shui.
– Cases on misfortune happened to families living under one roof.
– Examples of Master Yen Ben good understandings of the Old Classics texts, which enable him to unravel the true Feng Shui applications.
– All the real case studies will enable you to apprehend and to learn the meaning of Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui to the utmost.

This Course is Suitable For:
This course is meant for serious practitioners or those inspiring to achieve a professional consultant level which is the olden days known as a Master of Feng Shui.
There are many theories based on his works that are very profound and deep that is vital to have a complete understanding of a feng shui of a house.
You will be surprised how a building with a Black 2 star or a 5 Yellow Star or a Red 7 on the maind door can do well. They are all real cases and not hypothetical ones and backed by real buildings that exists today and for the past 10 years or more.
So what is the real secret of Replacement stars? Ask any honest person who have used Replacement stars and they will tell you most of the time it does not work or not telling the condition of the house. This is because there conventional replacement stars method is erroneous.
Why You Should Attend?
So if you are inspring to be a professional consultant or doing research into authentic flying star knowledge, this is the class you should attend. If you have the book and have been trying a long time to understand it, it is high time you attend this course.
Master Alan’s has his unique ways of teaching and making student understand and this makes a big difference and the learning more effective.

Testimonials :
After attended the Advanced Xuan Kong Flying Star (Erzhai) course, I realized that it actually deepen your skill & knowledge in doing house audit Feng Shui. 
Of course, after attended the basic Flying Star Feng Shui course, you will still able to do house audit, but for this invaluable course, it actually takes you extra miles to interpret more incidents in the house and at the same time, you will able to advise clients to tap in auspicious/good energy and avoid bad QI in the house.


Feng Shui is not as simple as putting objects in order to get you rich & famous. Actually, it’s all about how is your property harmonize with the surroundings, and able to harness & collect auspicious QI at the surroundings. Logically thinking, do you think that simply placing water everywhere can bring you bountiful of wealth? Simple as that? How do you determine the placement of stove is actually good for your house? Are you using the correct bed room? With this, this is the course for you to find the acute answer. 
Recommended to those who are seriously in searching authentic Feng Shui, and no doubt, you have come to the right place! 
Besides than this, many thanks to Master Alan Chong for his patience & guidance in explaining all the “SECRETS” & theories of the Advanced level. Good experience, good learning and follow-up with experienced Master definitely make this course for you to pursue! 
– Victor Ho (Advance Full Graduate)

“Other than wonderful, it is still wonderful, excellent and fabulous experience attending the Er Zhai advanced flying star course with Master Alan.
Before going for Advanced flying Star Feng Shui course, I would not how far l could  master in flying star Feng Shui. 
Previously, when studying the flying star chart of a house there were so many questions in my mind even I had some knowledge in flying star. I could not understand why some residents would not perform well or fell sick or hurt even the house has a good main chi kou (good door location). 
And I could not understand why a house  with poor flying star combo, yet the residents are doing well. Now I could link the incidents happened in a house with its own flying star chart.
Besides that, there are still many many skills and knowledge that l have acquired from this course, which I believe that is not something that someone could acquire from outside other than WuChang lineage.
Very grateful that I have this opportunity to meet Master Alan and to learn the right Flying star knowledge.
Thank you.” – Samantha Khu (Advance Full Graduate)

Since this is an Advance course, you will need to complete CAFS Flying Star Module. If you do not have, we will need to access your flying star knowledge prior admission since not all schools are up to the minimum required level.
We prefer to student to come and benefit from the course and maintain our standard of students.
For course schedule please click here.
To sign up please email:, Subject: Advance Flying Star Course

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