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Monthly Flying Star March 2012

Fast approaching March…here is the Flying Star Chart.

This month the 3 Killings is going to the West.

Nonetheless West Facing houses have good energy coming to the door if your door is in the center. If your house door is on the right side (looking out) , beware…

South Facing houses are also good.

SE facing houses are also not so favourable, all round surrounded front and back by 5 Yellow.

Monthly FengShui

Flying Star Dec 2011

Here is the Chart for December & today is the the day we move into Geng Zi (Metal Rat) Month….This is the month where Chinese will celebrate the passing of Winter on the 22nd December. To the Chinese, this is as good as beginning of a new year, culturally.

There are some “Masters” that even claim that the Ming Gua starts from this day instead of the 4th Feb (Coming of Spring).

This month the Stars are exactly the same as the Annual Chart. Simply said, the effects gets doubled…

Monthly FengShui

Flying Star November…

On the 8th November we shall enter the month of 己亥 or the Earth Pig. Let’s look at the flying star for this month:

South again is faced with quarrelling star and as such please refrain from being too outspoken. SE is also bringing accident Qi into the house…especially young girls has to be extra careful.

Pregnant ladies if you are sleeping in NE corner rooms be extra careful with food and rest more, stay away from crowd or secluded areas and look twice before stepping forward.

All East Facing house, no renovation is not allowed at all without proper date selection.

Lets talk a little on the positive sectors, this month NW will be good, West & North is usable.

Students who wants the last push on studies, use North sectors.

Monthly FengShui

Flying Star October….

Time really flies, we are going into October and soon Christmas will come. Hope my readers are doing well…

Here is the Flying Star Chart for October. This month will be the month of Wu Xu (戊 戌 )which begins on the 8th.

This month I have made some “uplift” on the outlook…hope you will like it.

This month the Purple Star 9 flies into the center thus making the 5 Yellow settling on the North Sector. Further the 3 Killings (san sha) is also there this month. What does this makes? Houses sitting on North should avoid at all cost any renovations or move in. Either you do it before the 8th Oct or do it after 8th Nov. This will avoid inauspicious energy.

As for other houses, North is best left alone this month. Disagreement is also possible.

East Facing can attract theft, buglary or mishaps. Don’t forget that Tai Sui is also residing in the East. West facing Houses are to be careful with your health. Pregnant young ladies will have to take extra precautions in particular.

Best Wealth spot is in SE.

Note: This interepretation is read without the knowledge of your house natal chart.

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Monthly FengShui

Flying Star August…

Another month is approaching and in the Chinese Solar Calendar it will be on the 8th Aug when we enter the month of the Fire Monkey (丙申).

Here is the Flying Star Chart:


What’s installed this month.

Seems like South East Doors can have good returns whether is monetary forms or even recognition or promotion installed.

East Doors be extra careful especially males to take extra precaution to avoid accidents. Take time to think and do things, don’t rush. Wear Goggles when working on machines where applicable.

South Doors, all sickness will recover in this month or shows significant progress in recuperation.

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Flying Star June 2011

Let’s see what is installed for June 11 Flying Stars which begins on the 6th June as we enter the Jia Wu (甲午).

It seems like East Part of the World will have another disaster coming, this time more of epedemic kind. The Middle east side will still continue to have the conflicts.

What about houses? Similarly, East facing house have to becareful of what you eat, how you prepare food, where you eat and further if you are travelling just ensure you bring along medicine esp if you have a weak stomach.

South Facing Houses will be good. North and West Facing is fine.

North West Facing Houses need not worry about the 5 star.

Now North East Houses, you may face some stress period this month. So becareful of any information you receive carefully before making decisions. Otherwise you will experience a weak health.

If a House has been properly audited, most of the time you will not have to worry. Good Feng Shui means that the house has been rightly set will ensure during bad years or month, the effect shall be small.

Hope you have enjoyed the short monthly flying star series.

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Flying Star May 2011…

This Month of the Water Snake  ( 癸 巳 ) will start from the 6th of May.  I post here the flying star for this month.

This month Houses facing North will be in general auspicious facing.

Other favourable location will be NE and NW.

Enterpreneurs having the office located in this sector of NW, good deals can be made here.

Ok, South Facing houses has to be careful of health issues. Expecting mothers are adviced not to be sleeping in this room. If your bazi is also showing signs, baby’s health may be affected.

Monthly FengShui

Flying Star April 2011…

This month begins on the 5th of April. In the Solar Calendar it is the beginning of Clear Bright Sky. Most Chinese will be going to ancestor’s grave for a spring cleaning and to remember the ancestors. This is the influence of Confucious teachings.

 Seems like the West sector is the most auspicious sector.Use it for business purpose or even planning for wedding. However, not suitable for any ground breaking as long East facing houses.

North Doors is susceptible to arguments so have extra restraint on what ever you want to say.