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Flying Star June 2011

Let’s see what is installed for June 11 Flying Stars which begins on the 6th June as we enter the Jia Wu (甲午).

It seems like East Part of the World will have another disaster coming, this time more of epedemic kind. The Middle east side will still continue to have the conflicts.

What about houses? Similarly, East facing house have to becareful of what you eat, how you prepare food, where you eat and further if you are travelling just ensure you bring along medicine esp if you have a weak stomach.

South Facing Houses will be good. North and West Facing is fine.

North West Facing Houses need not worry about the 5 star.

Now North East Houses, you may face some stress period this month. So becareful of any information you receive carefully before making decisions. Otherwise you will experience a weak health.

If a House has been properly audited, most of the time you will not have to worry. Good Feng Shui means that the house has been rightly set will ensure during bad years or month, the effect shall be small.

Hope you have enjoyed the short monthly flying star series.

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