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Date Selection – the continuation…

It has been a while since the last post on Date selection and as promised this time I shall talk a little on San Sha (3 Killings).

San Sha in date selection has a few meanings. First, there is the first version which categorize it into Robbery Sha, Calamity Sha & Annual Sha. So violating the San Sha (3 killings), one will be entangled with these 3 kinds of problems.

Another version says that San Sha just simply means the Weakest Energy of the Year. So naturally one will not one to be using the weakest energy because they are useless and weak energy bring problems more than benefits. Which ever reason you subcribe to, still violating the San Sha is disastrous.

San Sha changes location every year. This year in the Year of Mao or Rabbit (2011), San Sha is in the West. Next Year in 2012 San Sha moves to South and so on.

Even Months have their on San Sha. Similarly, the location changes by the month. Month San Sha too have significant impact on the  date selected.

One of the most important task in date selection is to avoid a San Sha when selecting for personal endeavours.

In Feng Shui application,  any house sitting on San Sha should avoid having any form of activities in and around the house. It can be from moving in, establishing altars, renovation and so on….

Violating San Sha can lead to many calamities including robbery, accidents, fined, lawsuit depending what your house feng shui is being afflicted and your destiny chart.

So the final parting words are selecting good date begins by avoiding bad dates. By avoiding bad timing of san Sha, you are already avoided unnecessary problems. By having No problems really gives you a piece of mind allows you to focus &  go all out to achieve the goals you have set.

Important events, is it necessary to have a good auspicious date the help you accelerate your efforts, it is like going on a path of least resistance. I cannot convince you until you have experience it yourself. I believe because I have experienced it many times.

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5 thoughts on “Date Selection – the continuation…”

    1. Hi Lucy, I would think you meant which date is a San Sha Date. San Shan can appear on Year, Month, Date and even Hour.
      What we want is avoid any of the San Sha in a date to have a better date. The entire system of XKDG date selection is in a Set, ie it comes like a Package it will be difficult for me to blog on it extensively.

      Have a nice weekend.


  1. Allan,

    Do you mean the year breaker / month breaker / day breaker & hr breaker ? I have seen this, can I just ask does tong shu has this breaker indication ?



    1. Lucy,
      No, Breakers are also known as “clash” like Rat and Horse is a clash/breaker. Another example would be like Rooster and Rabbit.
      Breakers can be found in the Tong shu (通書) or to some Cantonese also known as Tong Shing (通勝). You can get them in most Prayers shops, major Chinese Book Stores or even some calendars has them. The ones usually that goes by the day and you have to tear them everyday…Hope you got what I am trying to describe.

      San Sha is different from Breakers. For personal date selections, Breakers are used. San Sha is more used in FengShui Date Selection which is more elaborated.



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