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The Four Masters

In the Feng Shui world since centuries, we can generally classify masters or practitioners into one of these 4 types which I will talk about them below so common people are able to understand better when they are out looking for a Feng Shui Consultant or Masters.

Most masters work around 2 major parameters. one is the Wow Factor. Wow factor gives the client a kind of “unbelievable” feeling or a quick transformational phenomena. The second parameter is Time. This simply mean how long will the Feng Shui results sustain and grow on the average scale.

As you may be aware of or not, traditionally, Feng Shui results is primarily aimed at 2 major category. Human Factors & Wealth (Career) Factors.

1. Short Term Masters

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Purple White Script

Purple White Script or Zi Bai Jue 紫白诀 is part of San Yuan system of Feng Shui method that is divided into 2 scrolls. Upper scroll is more of theory while Lower Scroll is more of prediction. PWS contributes to Xuan Kong Flying Star system in term of prediction along with three other famous classics of Xuan Kong system.

Today I will leave the section about flying star prediction but rather focus on the world epidemic, the Corona Virus codename Covid-19 that is sweeping the world by storm today. This virus started or rather discovered first in Wuhan in early December 2019. It then spread pretty fast all over China.

Wuhan was given a total lock down January 23 in effort to contain the spread. It was a bold move by the Chinese government but was widely criticized back then. the Wuhan lock down was just 2 days before Chinese new year. Then we entered the new solar year of Metal Rat 庚子 on Li Chun 立春 4th February 2020. Since then after it becomes a world epidemic as South Korea the next country infected, Japan, Iran, with Italy taking the lead for the Europeans.

Thus it was primarily a China problem before Li Chun and it accelerated to be a global pandemic after Li Chun. By 7 April 2020 the world count is show below.

Being a Feng Shui Consultant, many started to ask me why this thing happened and why no master predicted this epidemic last year. As I am a non believer in broad based predictions as I have always view them with more entertainment value rather than of any Real Feng Shui significance, thus I do not do annual predictions. The predictions results are usually coincidental rather than being consistent.

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The Wrong Entry

I was dealing with a case for a couple who wanted to conceive but was not bearing result. For those who wanted baby but not possible is sometimes a sad case. I have successfully altered feng shui that enabled couples to have baby. In some cases, where the wife had frequent miscarriage was due to Feng Shui could smoothly bear a baby.

As I listened to their predicament, I offer to take up their case since many masters was reluctant. After setting the formation couple of years ago, nothing happened. I went back after 2 years and could not understand why.

I then checked their Bazi and they seems to have that possibility to bear children. Then I asked them if they are medically fit? The husband answered me yes! Ok, I just have to take his word for it. Then I continued to interview his paternal family to see if its other reasons such as Yin Feng Shui. It seems that this is not likely the case.

I did suggest perhaps consider IVF just before I left.

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The Surviving Art

Waking up early in a foreign land amist political uncertainty back home in Malaysia where the PM has resigned from both his post and party, it reminds me of this word Surviving. I guess it is no difference in Chinese Metaphysics.

Different people has different experience in Feng Shui. Some had very good experience with flying star while some with other method such as different style of Flying Star, San He, 8 mansion or Yijing Feng Shui or Zi Wei Feng Shui or Bazi Feng Shui. Some are very new contemporary method, some were born out of deception while some were born out of misinterpretation of old classics.

The question is how did they Survived ?

Perhaps at this point I may sound a little spiritual because I want to say to you that Heaven decided not to reveal the art to masses but rather to their chosen recipient. Thus why some people benefitted from Feng Shui, some only had a short quick charm while others sufferred. It is the works of Karma behind the curtain.

I guess if you have done no more than 20 cases you won’t be able to draw a strong conclusion compared to if you have done more than 300 cases.

The art survive because of the success cases because there are many coincidences.

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A Fools Believe

Once a Taiwanese practitioner posed this question to me.

If Feng Shui is a life or destiny changer then why did Chinese dynasty not last forever?

I felt sad for him because probably he self learned or his teacher did not teach him well or worst he met a fake teacher. Even as technology advanced it is sad that human minds today had not got much better for most people.

I will not dwell into the technicalities to preserve our house knowledge but I can offer a few thoughts provoking questions that perhaps will help you figure it out or reason out more clearly.

Chinese philosophy has this to say for centuries:

  1. Destiny 命
  2. Luck 运
  3. Feng Shui 风水
  4. Human Efforts 人为

Ever wonder why this sequence? Why not Human Effort as 1st? Or Feng Shui as 1st? Did Chinese just simply made this up or through centuries of observations, concluded this sequence? If it was not true, would it have passed down throughout the centuries?

Why did Dynasty Changed? Let’s look at at Ming 明. Ming lost because of the jealousy of one General. Ming has been lucky that though, they mostly did not have good, long life and capable emperors, they had good ministers and generals. This has some reason due to the grave that was under done by the first Feng Shui master. Just because he lost his love of his life to the emperor he, Wu San Gui decided to turn coat and opened the gates at the Great Wall to Qing army. That resulted in the fall of Ming Dynasty.

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YiJing, Feng Shui And A Logo

Wuhan had corona virus out break in January 2020 and it had spread so fast that the Chinese government had to lock down 3 cities. Since the spread is so quick, they ran out of man power and space to contain and treat the epidemic.

They had to rush and built new hospital to cater for the emergency needs. One of them was completed in about 10 days is this Wuhan HuoShenShan Hospital loosely translated to as Wuhan Fire God Hill Hospital.

Interesting thing about this logo is that it incorporates many Chinese ancient wisdom into it with knowledge from Yi Jing or the Book of Changes as well some from the cultural believes of the Chinese people. Let me explain to you.

Yi Jing 易经

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Four Times A Failure

Here is a real case that missed out on our Feng Shui consultation and guess what it missed? A whole lot more….Watch this video to listen to it. This unit did not fail one owner but four!

This clearly cannot be by chance. A fake master cannot get four positive property feng shui results.

Success is never by Chance. Apart from real hard work, you will need a lot of luck to reach success. Feng Shui is one way for us to tap some additional luck and only Real Feng Shui can provide you consistent longer run results. Visit our website for more details…

Here we wish you:

Gong Xi Fa Cai on the Metal Rat Year !


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In Search For Real Feng Shui Master Part 1

here is an email send to me for help and with the sender’s permission for education purposes, I republish here with some comments, hopefully will give readers some ideas of what is really Feng Shui all about. Here is Part 1.

Flying Star 2 -5 Combination

I chanced upon your facebook and then went to read your blog on feng shui and flying stars as I am worried about the combination of 5-2 in my master bedroom and a 2-5 combi in my study room. Before we first moved in, my mum recommended her friend who had learnt about fengshui. At that time I didn’t know much about fengshui and not sure of his linage and just follow his advice. He made a drawing on the layout (8 pie & flying stars numbers). I was told he would put the ancient coins at some hidden corners that won’t be visible to us. We later replaced the coins when we consulted another master in 2018 with the ancient coins with the 6 emperor’s names. 

My Comments: Very common issue. You can see that there are just too many practitioners out there, cheap but results…..I am not sure. Depends on your luck. If you find a good master, don’t worry about price because the results will cover back all the costs over time and more benefits to come, so why worry if you find a real one ?

Logically, how would the name of the emperors changes the outcome of the solution? I think sometimes while we believe in the unknown, we need to maintain our common sense. Common sense is not really easy to maintain today due to too many misconceptions spreading like Australian bush fire….just too many, too often that even a lie slowly becomes the ‘truth’. Pitiful situation especially in the millennium. I put this responsibility on those fake or misguided practitioners.

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Fate Versus Destiny

Some people say we cannot change FATE but we can change our DESTINY. What exactly do they mean? Is this motivation pep talk or Astrology?

Motivational point will say they have the tool to fight against Heaven’s Will thus why they have risen to be the Rich and Famous today. This is call giving Hope. What’s wrong with that you may ask. Nothing wrong honestly but when a Hope given out of the aim of making big bucks is still OK in my opinion. It becomes Not OK when the hope given is actually not attainable. Then I ask you why it is Not attainable? It comes back to FATE.

Early Heaven Life (FATE) , Later Heaven Life (DESTINY).

Some religion or motivational guru will say ignore the past for we cannot change it but we can through our CHOICES alter our future destiny. But why do we study History ? Then it makes history subject redundant. It is because we learn from mistakes of the past.

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Bad Feng Shui Location Case

Here is a real Retail Feng Shui case explained by Master. A case that was predicted to suffer from the onset and it did materialized a few years down the road. Was it a curse or Feng Shui is predictable because is is one of the key ingredient of any business.? Listen on.

Lessons Learned From This Case

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