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When l first stepped into the world of Feng Shui when I started to learn from my first Master, I was told by many that there are lineages in some schools while some say it is not necessary to learning this art. Until today after many years, I still hear this strongly debated subject in forums.

So I have chosen to write about it and the reality today.

A little back ground information of what is being meant by having a Lineage. Lineage means you have an ancestry in certain knowledge. In feng shui, means you have masters or grand masters who transfer knowledge down from generations to generations.

Traditionally, Chinese only hand over knowledge to sons or indoor disciples and they in turn pass it down to their own children or in door disciples. Masters of those days believe that only the privilege or those with affinity can acquire this art. The reason is because the art can harm, turn the fortune or to distinguish one from the others.

But then what is an Indoor disciple? An Indoor disciple is a student who had undergone tea ceremony to admit and to formally express their willingness to follow rules of the lineage. Ancient Chinese people has this bondage with the master whom they treat like their father. In return, the master teaches the disciple the knowledge so they can be proficient in the art they are mastering. This is not exclusive to Feng Shui, it applies to being a cook to studying medicine or martial arts.

In parts of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, this is being practiced. Here is a photo courtesy of Master Issac Chung during the tea ceremony with his Master Lui Hart Ming.

Master IssacChung tea ceremony

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A Deer or A Horse?

指鹿為馬 <<Courtesy of Master Issac Chung>>








This is a story that happened during the reign of 2nd King of Qin Dynasty. The Prime Minister then was an ambitious person who wanted to overthrow the Emperor but he had one doubt. He was unsure if he has enough support from the ministers to succeed this coup.

So he thought of a smart plan. One day during the meeting with the Emperor the PM announced that he has bought a herd of good horses as a gift to the Emperor. The Emperor looked with amusement as they certainly do not look like a horse but just deers. The PM then turn to the Ministers and said to the Emperor “Your Majesty, if you do not believe me, you can ask the Ministers”.

Then mixed answers comes from the Ministers. Some who are afraid of the PM as well as those who support him will say they are horses while some who is not afraid but follow the path of righteousness and true to their conscience will say those are deers. Of course the Emperor began to have doubt himself as to these herds of animals are actually deers or horses while the PM gets to know where he stands should he pull the coup.
The Moral of the story is that when something false is propagated by masses someday this lie or false knowledge will become the truth to our future generations. Many government deploy this method because they control the mainstream media & education and it is also happening in the Feng Shui World today. I do not know what our future generations will learn if this trend persists but nonetheless we continue this march of truth and correctness. This is Feng Shui Moral.

Just because 10 practitioners says the lamp post in front of door is bad Feng Shui you do not have to believe it. English has a saying “the blind leading the blind” and it happens every day.

I find people today very naive. Just because someone talks on radio show or has presented a few Feng Shui story, people believe they are the authority in Feng Shui. It was all based on hearsay. These people have never seen his works but based on own weak judgement to believe these masters are real.

Some masters are accurate when doing divination on the day of visitation but after 6 to 12 months the Feng Shui result sucks. Why? You have to think rationally and find out the reason.
So you as the audience/student, should also know that not what you hear or learn is entirely true just because it is easily available.

You must study their background and lineage, else you will be part of the PM’s team & everyone would know you better. Do not accept any knowledge literally without proper introspection.