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Master Francis Leyau Announcing His Retirement

Master Leyau ( Retirement)

To all my friends and students,

It was indeed 30 years ago that I came into this “River Lake” Jiang Hu 江湖. Had I known then what a Big wave and small wave might have trembled a headed of me,I would rather be a chef than a Feng Shui master.

Some of you may have noticed that a few years ago, I started working more hours, and I started taking fewer days off. Back then I was getting ready for retirement.
I do express my gratitude to all of you. Without you all I wouldn’t be where I am today. The students and work environment have helped me get to the top.                                                                                         …..Read On

My Open Letter To Sifu:

Knowing you is my biggest harvest in my journey into the world of Chinese Metaphysics. Perhaps everything or everyone has their own destiny and one of mine is to learn under you.

In the field of Feng Shui, you have guided me and open my horizon beyond my imagination. I always translate Russian to English and it always translate as Wizard Leyau. Perhaps it was how the Google translate it but for me it is the most appropriate word to describe you. Indeed, Sifu you are a Wizard of Feng Shui. For this simple reason, I always feel blessed no matter how bad is my day.

In life, you taught me and showed me how to make good food and I have enjoyed every moment of it. You are always generous with your wisdom.

After Class, the Heineken Times were fun and fill of laughters. Every minute worth remembering.

If I have regrets, it is because I have known you a little late. So much yet to learn from you.

Master& I
Master Leyau and I at IChing Conference

To you Sifu I Salute;  一日为师终生为师

I have only this song to play…似水流年

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