Case Study, Feng Shui

Feng Shui Remedy That Went Wrongs

This is an interesting case that I want to share with students of Feng Shui.

There was this Master who graduated from two celebrity schools. One from Malaysia and one from Canada who offers online Feng Shui courses. This Master Feng shuied a house and after a few years staying in the house, the family member was diagnosed with critical illness.

When I visited this house I saw the sick person’s room, I was shocked!. This is a 5 2 room and  the bed was wrongly aligned too. Bed alignment is unique to WuChang school and hence I believe this Master did not have this knowledge but the bed was a good sector / direction according to 8 Mansion Theory (Tian Yi).

Here are my observations:  Entire room was painted Yellow and had quite a few Round Shaped Metal objects to remedy this room.

If you have studied from the right school or you have gotten the classics correct, you will spot the mistake in less than 5 seconds. [I am not saying this is a good application of the remedy but more to highlight the fundamental mistake in his learning.]

It is sad that his good intention became a bad outcome for his client. Do you want this regret in your practice or happening to your family members?

Do you believe that you can learn Feng Shui effectively via Online Courses? Think again!

If you are willing to learn

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