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Chicken Talking To Duck

Recently there are two schools arguing or perhaps I should say intellectually debating about who is right or wrong over a subject on flying star. Chicken Duck Talk One school came out with their research that occupation follow stars so for a doctor it is good to activate the evil star 2 or 5 so more patient will come or activate star 3 if you are in law business. This is because they believe the stars work with their intended profession. For like 2 that other than sickness it also talks about fertility. Even if out of timing it can still be good for certain profession. They they go on to argue that 8 when meeting a bad or broken mountain it can still be bad.

Then another Master H says it has to consider the star timeliness for star 2 & 5 is out of timing and hence it cannot be used but under certain combination with good stars it can be favourable too.

Another practitioner says Forms supersedes Formula. If Form is good, formula of determining Qi is less of importance and hence the clinic will do well even if you have a Star 2 at the door.

The first school student’s then comes out to say they are convinced has they have database to back them out but of course they never show it.

Just like a Chicken can never understand a Duck, how can schools of different fundamentals sync and discuss? Put aside what or who is right or wrong, the basics are different and hence it is difficult to be discussed in a fruitful manner. Then not forgetting that emotions sets in very soon. It is normal for people to have difficulties to accept others telling him what he has been studying is wrong.

This is because Feng Shui is not science and cannot be proven by direct experiments to prove the data & not to mention the willingness to do so. Furthermore, if all students from same school starts to discuss they will naturally come to common conclusion just like the saying goes, Birds of same feather flocks together.

Why? They will take direction from the same location likely, they will interpret the character of the stars accordingly and determine the period using the same theory. Could they be correct? Yes, sometimes but even if not they will find a way to justify the outcome. Just like how many internal forms Feng Shui theories emerged. I qoute you an example, most say you cannot sit facing a door cos the energy will create what they call as “zhong sha” or rushing killing forces. Perhaps they could only observe this to justify a case why the person was doing badly and hence made the conclusion that is due to rushing sha but again I have seen many who sits in this position but does well. What is the real application behind?

That is why in ancient times, they hardly discuss this like the West where one school will want to discuss with another school. They just mind their own business and probably eat both the duck and chicken! Bon appetit!


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