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The Wrong Entry

I was dealing with a case for a couple who wanted to conceive but was not bearing result. For those who wanted baby but not possible is sometimes a sad case. I have successfully altered feng shui that enabled couples to have baby. In some cases, where the wife had frequent miscarriage was due to Feng Shui could smoothly bear a baby.

As I listened to their predicament, I offer to take up their case since many masters was reluctant. After setting the formation couple of years ago, nothing happened. I went back after 2 years and could not understand why.

I then checked their Bazi and they seems to have that possibility to bear children. Then I asked them if they are medically fit? The husband answered me yes! Ok, I just have to take his word for it. Then I continued to interview his paternal family to see if its other reasons such as Yin Feng Shui. It seems that this is not likely the case.

I did suggest perhaps consider IVF just before I left.

Of course I was despaired because I left with no answers. Another year past by and yet no fruits to bear. This time I decided to do a different approach, perhaps a not so Feng Shui approach. To cut the long interview story short…..I found the answer! The answer was because of the wrong entrance! Which version of Kama Sutra did the couple read ?

Put joke aside, sometimes if you think about it, is this a Feng Shui problem or human error? Was the fault that lies with the Feng Shui method or with the Biology lessons? Now I truly see the importance of Sex education.

You see, in life, not everything is Only about Feng Shui, human logic and other surrounding factors too plays an important role. In this case is sex education. Life is multidimensional ! Remember this and stop laughing.

Just as Covid19 striking the world, everything has to come to a halt. So no matter what every Bazi or Feng Shui one has, the outcome is something everyone has to face it. The possible difference is how bad is the impact of this pandemic has on us. To put it in another perspective, the pepper (Covid19) is in our dish, the question would be, “Is the pepper overwhelming the dish?”

I wish them good luck now that they found out the mistake in the wrong entrance. I hope the correct “door” will lead them to a different dimension.

Happy April Fool’s Day – A day I am under a lock down situation.