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The Surviving Art

Waking up early in a foreign land amist political uncertainty back home in Malaysia where the PM has resigned from both his post and party, it reminds me of this word Surviving. I guess it is no difference in Chinese Metaphysics.

Different people has different experience in Feng Shui. Some had very good experience with flying star while some with other method such as different style of Flying Star, San He, 8 mansion or Yijing Feng Shui or Zi Wei Feng Shui or Bazi Feng Shui. Some are very new contemporary method, some were born out of deception while some were born out of misinterpretation of old classics.

The question is how did they Survived ?

Perhaps at this point I may sound a little spiritual because I want to say to you that Heaven decided not to reveal the art to masses but rather to their chosen recipient. Thus why some people benefitted from Feng Shui, some only had a short quick charm while others sufferred. It is the works of Karma behind the curtain.

I guess if you have done no more than 20 cases you won’t be able to draw a strong conclusion compared to if you have done more than 300 cases.

The art survive because of the success cases because there are many coincidences.

I had the privilege to see so many cases, redo and collect the results of the correction that we done with various method of Feng Shui that I have mentioned above. Some of them are the works of famous practitioners. Tell me about coincidences.

San He

Once a foreign student of mine who went to study a new system came back and wanted to share with me his new found excitement. He showed me 2 cases that were done by the new method. I then patiently showed him using my system and it arrived to the same conclusion. On the second case I asked him why did the master put the cashier here and not anywhere else? He could not answer me because simple that system do not put emphasis on the cashier machine. I am not a guy who likes to repeat things so I guess this is the first and last time.

8 Mansion or Ba Zhai

An 8 Mansion student was so happy that he had a Yan Nian door for his new South Facing house. Apparently he practices the house Gua method as opposed to some who applied the personal gua method. Well if you know that too….a Yan Nian door is also a 8 8 door in Flying star.

San He System

Then once a San He master posted his Facebook he located a center door with a San He Xue formation Sitting Geng 庚 Facing Jia 甲. Those who knows will know it is a 8 8 door of the Flying Star system which is an auspicious wealth door.

The above are just three of the many cases of coincidences.

Individual affinity with the art and whether you learn the right knowledge and also how much you practice and have the faith in it. Ultimately in the search of the truth, many have gone sidewinded. Perhaps that kept the excitement and life going and the heart beating. More importantly it kept the income flow theory working for the economy. 🙂

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