Feng Shui

A Fools Believe

Once a Taiwanese practitioner posed this question to me.

If Feng Shui is a life or destiny changer then why did Chinese dynasty not last forever?

I felt sad for him because probably he self learned or his teacher did not teach him well or worst he met a fake teacher. Even as technology advanced it is sad that human minds today had not got much better for most people.

I will not dwell into the technicalities to preserve our house knowledge but I can offer a few thoughts provoking questions that perhaps will help you figure it out or reason out more clearly.

Chinese philosophy has this to say for centuries:

  1. Destiny 命
  2. Luck 运
  3. Feng Shui 风水
  4. Human Efforts 人为

Ever wonder why this sequence? Why not Human Effort as 1st? Or Feng Shui as 1st? Did Chinese just simply made this up or through centuries of observations, concluded this sequence? If it was not true, would it have passed down throughout the centuries?

Why did Dynasty Changed? Let’s look at at Ming 明. Ming lost because of the jealousy of one General. Ming has been lucky that though, they mostly did not have good, long life and capable emperors, they had good ministers and generals. This has some reason due to the grave that was under done by the first Feng Shui master. Just because he lost his love of his life to the emperor he, Wu San Gui decided to turn coat and opened the gates at the Great Wall to Qing army. That resulted in the fall of Ming Dynasty.

What about Qing 请? After They moved the tombs from the East burial site to the Western tomb, slowly we see the decline of the dynasty. The last capable Emperor, emperor Yong Zheng was first buried here. From there on, its was the beginning of the decline of Qing Dynasty. You can do your historical research to satisfy your own knowledge.

While the both seems to suggest it’s a Feng Shui problem, then you have to ask why did they not meet the right master? What made them move from Eastern to Western Tomb? Who influenced that decision? Was the palace filled with yes man masters than capable masters? We see this in modern times in corporate setting. Because everyone in the midst of chasing a HOPE, forgotten about Karma or that that we are living in a world that has a Mother Nature so to speak which is where karmic forces exists.

Karma is a Sow & Reap system. What you do today affects your future. It does not care what you do today, the nature will take it but the consequences will be returned to us someday later. If we cheat, we will be cheated sometime later. We cannot escape, what we do, cheat, kill, steal, rape, etc it will come back to haunt us sometime in the future regardless if we have good Feng Shui. This is the law of Nature.

If it doesn’t reach you this life, it will manifest in your next life as reflected in a person’s next life Bazi 八字. Thus why some people suffer so much this life. If we can go back in time, surely there is a causal reason.

Maybe let me lend the weight of a person with a better destiny to relate my points….

So this world has good and real masters as well as fake masters. Who you will meet will depends on your karmic points balance. Some met the real master but could not follow his advice or take up his knowledge but instead stray back into the wilderness.

Understand that Feng Shui is just a way or tool to improve our Destiny and not the cure for everything in this world nor is Feng Shui the only answer in this world. Nonetheless, if you are an aspiring student, remember, first you have to find the real master then acquire the correct knowledge first, other wise you may end up like this lost Taiwanese practitioner.