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YiJing, Feng Shui And A Logo

Wuhan had corona virus out break in January 2020 and it had spread so fast that the Chinese government had to lock down 3 cities. Since the spread is so quick, they ran out of man power and space to contain and treat the epidemic.

They had to rush and built new hospital to cater for the emergency needs. One of them was completed in about 10 days is this Wuhan HuoShenShan Hospital loosely translated to as Wuhan Fire God Hill Hospital.

Interesting thing about this logo is that it incorporates many Chinese ancient wisdom into it with knowledge from Yi Jing or the Book of Changes as well some from the cultural believes of the Chinese people. Let me explain to you.

Yi Jing 易经

Yi Jing is the language of Chinese metaphysics subjects and how it has a role in the above symbol?

  1. Red is the color of Fire and Gold they used it to represent Metal. in the 5 element theory, Fire control Metal. Why? Metal represent the lung and since this epidemic is a form of pneumonia which is the infection of the lungs. It is hope that the Fire God will help overcome this epidemic.
  2. The Shape is Round and this Round logo is surrounded by the Red. Round is also the shape of Metal energy.
  3. The Symbol of the Hulu or Calabash is the ancient symbol of medicine. This is more of a cultural believe.
  4. The Bats symbol that surrounds the logo represents longevity. This is more of a cultural believe too.
  5. The Early Heaven Bagua that represents the balance of Yin & Yang. it is believe that a body that has a balanced Yin and Yang is a healthy body.
  6. The Chinese character Hill 山, is part of the name of the hospital but it is also representing the Chinese Mountain Arts. Mountain arts is more of a spiritual help or Divine interference.
  7. The less related to Chinese Yi Jing is the Plus sign which represents Hospital and the upper half of the calabash that looked like a laboratory flask, if you can spot them.

Feng Shui 风水

Yi Jing is the language of Feng Shui. Thus some may think of it as a Feng Shui application when it is actually not. Feng Shui is about working on the energy of the Earth. Yi Jing is just a language used within the art of Feng Shui to help us understand and manage the energy of a property to enhance the good energy while reducing the bad ones.

The only part of the Feng Shui studies found within this Logo is the word Shan 山 or Hill. In Feng Shui there is a saying 山管人丁 or the hills governs the people factors. Ren Ding 人丁 here represents health. So the designer of this logo harbors the hope that this hospital can bring this epidemic under control as soon as possible.

My thoughts and heart goes out to the people of Wuhan especially their medical team who has show their utmost dedication. I also hope those affected a speedy recovery.

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