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The Beauty of Real Feng Shui

Feng Shui is such a fame word nowadays and every one is going to goggle to search for “famous feng shui master in….”

Let’s ponder a while, what does Fame brings to you feng shui wise? Glamour? What do you really want out of the feng shui consultation? A plague with “My house was feng shui by famous feng shui master …..?”


I am sure most of you want better health, better or smoother career, improved financial standings or even better relationships. How would this be tied to a famous master?

OK, a famous master is Perceived as a capable master! Just be cause he appears on radio show or TV shows or interviewed by BBC or CNBC thus this master must be capable? Sounds logical right? Well it only tells me they have good oratory skills, perhaps good looking, photogenic, an extrovert, likes to be on stage but it does it tell or prove that he/she is a Capable master?

Doesn’t mean a professor in Harvard or Oxford or Wharton schools are billionaires even though theoretically they are well researched and informed! The same goes, I first class degree holder doesn’t guarantee he will make it in life! Most billionaire I know do not even have a Diploma!

In Malaysia, people like to look for a famous feng shui master but lucky & well informed people get a real feng shui master.

Once a friend who had learn from 2 famous masters in the world, one from Hong Kong and one from Malaysia got a question from his friend that just recently bought an apartment if it is good to move in or not.

He applied what he studied from the 2 world’s most famous master and concluded it is a good door for having the auspicious wealth star 8 regardless if he had used the 9 grid or the 8 pie system.

8-pie-9-gridHowever, being unsure and a non practitioner, he thought of me, his friend, a professional feng shui consultant, for a second opinion. I studied the floor plan and told him it is a bad door and money will keep flowing out of this house.

This is because in 81 combination in flying star, 3 7 is a money leaking door!

He was initially in the state of disbelief but he agree to go back to his friend to get confirmation from the previous owner or any sources close to the previous owner.

About a week later, he came back and told me that what I have said was in fact correct!

His friend managed to get in touch with the previous owner and hear it from the horse mouth the real situation.

Thus in a way they were relieved to know the answer because once you can accurately locate the symptom, the prescription is going to be correct. If the diagnosis is wrong, then I am sure the prescription will also likely to be wrong!

Famous Master or Capable Master for your property? Your Choice!