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Tick Tock Tick Tock – Timing In Feng Shui

There is timing in feng shui, let me share with you a real story that unfortunately happened to me!

Many like to think that Feng Shui results is something that should be quick and understandably more so when one is in a desperate position.

Some years back a friend of mine seek my assistance to help her since her companion was out of job and being an elder in the oil and gas industry they were naturally worried about their income position.

After studying their house layout and directions and the surrounding landform, I concluded the house feng shui is generally below par. However, since a desperate friend asked for a favour I obliged and asked them to shift into another room. They did as I advised. So they waited and off and on she will contact me to ask why he hasn’t got a job yet. It is rather sad that desperation has set into her and this is even more sad because she is a student of feng shui.

Being shallow in their feng shui knowledge I did not bother to explain in depth but just told her to continue sending letters out for job application and do something so this increases the chances. Furthermore, the industry just had a down turn it will be unlikely to rehire immediately right? I have a feeling she thinks I am kind a bluffing her as she was probably expecting that the potential employer to call her companion and offer him a job!

Categorically, there are many people who thinks in this way and that is one of the reason that probably motivated them to learn this art for they hope to have free lunches everyday.

In my opinion, this is the wrong reason to learn feng shui! Its better to ask God directly for he has the absolute power to do that for them. If He would He would have granted mankind this long ago.

Then out of desperation and under the advice of her friend, she went on the consult another master who happened to drop by her region. After applying the recommendation, approximately 1 month time, her companion struck a job. She was so happy to tell how this master has done wonders for her and very soon enough she have forgotten me. Well a friend in need is a friend indeed!

As predicted the timing came when the Monthly Purple star 9 visited her room to form the desired formation but unfortunately for me, the credit went to the other master who happened to drop by at the right time. So being lucky is being at the Right place at the Right time!

Unfortunately the same master “resigned” from his corporate job few months down the road.

I am happy as my knowledge served me well because the flying star formation that I have predicted did the job but perhaps the other guy had better luck than me. Perhaps my lesson learned here is, be selective whom I help for they may be wolves in a sheep’s cloth.

Feng Shui has certain timing and sometimes the only thing one can do is to wait patiently and do the necessary preparation work to improve the chances. This is the Real World. Ask any successful person what has he done to make himself rich or famous or rather just waiting doing little and expects a big wind fall. This is only possible, in my opinion in a virtual world.

I believe that when He wants to give it to us, He will but only when He feels the time is Right and we have put in enough the Right Effort!