Feng Shui, XK LiuFa

Xuan Kong Liu Fa 玄空六法

Xuan Kong LiuFa  – A Brief History

Master Tan Yang Wu acquired his Flying Star feng shui knowledge from Yang Jiu Ru who is the relative of Zhang Zhong Shan, the lineage holder of Wu Chang Flying Star system. At the time when Yang Jiu Ru taught him, Yang was already at an old age of 71.

He started his practice soon and did both Yin and Yang Zhai feng shui. After a while he found that he was stuck with his progress and one day while still in frustration, he met a Master named Lee Chen Xu. Lee later taught Tan Xuan Kong LiuFa.
(Note: Yin Zhai – Ancestral Burial feng shui; Yang Zhai – House feng shui)
Sometime in the 1930’s Tan published in the newspaper to apologized to his clients and offered to redo their ancestral grave for free should they come to see him. This is because he just realised that Flying Star is not suitable for Yin Feng Shui and that Liu Fa is the correct method for Yin Feng Shui.
Master Tan did not give up Flying Star, he was honourable enough to owe up to his mistake and promise to redo it. Today you can hardly find this kind of master’s around. At the same time, his competitors tries to bad name Master Tan Flying Star and accused him of giving up Flying Star totally in favour of LiuFa.
Master Tan YW later taught XKLF to Master Sui Beng and passed him the book Xuan Kong Ben Yi about the time of the 2nd World war started. Master Sui Beng later passed on this book to Master Leyau.
Interestingly, Master Leyau once told me that Master Sui Beng used LiuFa system to Feng shui his temple and he was able to run the temple and the charitable services with the donations collected for many years.
Sample of Xuan Kong Ben Yi in the market.

Xuan Kong LiuFa  – A Brief Introduction

Liu Fa 六法 can be translated to the meaning of 6 method or 6 ways or 6 concepts of Feng Shui.
The six methods are:
  1. The Golden Dragon
  2. The Ci Xiong
  3. Ai Xing Stars
  4. Concept of Xuan Kong
  5. Cheng Men or Castle Gate
  6. The Tai Sui method
They are the summary of all the methods of vital to the understanding of feng shui and how to set up a good feng shui formation.
This differentiates why some feng shui master can give a sudden good spike of luck and then dies down or why some after setting up the feng shui formation, brings bad effects to the clients. Some clients gain wealth but later end up in divorce, in-filial children or poor health.

Feng Shui has to be a trend! A trend means a longer term up slope something like the graph below.


The reason they are unable to set a lasting formation is because they have not understood well the 6 concepts or LiuFa of feng shui.

Liufa and Flying Star

There are many similarities in both Liufa and Flying Star but at the same time there are many differences. Some are terminology differences while some are application differences.

One common difference is the word Cheng Men 城门 or Castle Gate. They both carries different meaning in Liufa and Flying Star. In Liufa, Cheng men is a important concept while in Flying Star Castle gate is carries a different meaning and application.
In Flying Star the Castle Gate is the Left or Right door, to put it simply, but in Liufa the Castle Gate can be anywhere.
Then the Zhen Ling Shen Sectors of Liufa and Flying Star is different and many practitioners finds it hard to reconcile. However, there is a small difference in the meaning between Zhen Ling Shen of the 2 schools.
Because of the small difference in the definition between the 2 schools, there is not always a problem in reconciling the both in Application or Practical to achieve good Feng Shui formation.

Liufa for Yin Feng Shui?

The reason why Liufa is able to be applied to Yin Feng Shui comes from the Ci Xiong. In the chapter of Ci Xiong, it says Yin Yang is 2 sided.
It basically means that both Internal and External Qi must react to create result. Internal Qi here means earth’s energy and thus this is why Tan Yang Wu realized that Liufa can be used for burial feng shui and his earlier mistakes.
However, there are many different schools of Liufa carried down by many masters but typically the 2 strong proponents of Liufa are from Taiwan and Malaysia with some remnants in Thailand. Liufa is essentially a Taiwanese term. The actual is called Xuan Kong Ben Yi.
However Xuan Kong Liu Fa can also be applied to Yang House feng shui and I demonstrate here a real case that happened in a House feng shui.

Xuan Kong LiuFa vs LiuFa – A Real Case

This is a real case that happened couple of years ago.It was done by a Liufa master and was told to my client that it is a good feng shui house. Obviously it wasn’t and that is how my client ended up to be my client.

I have briefly sketched out the layout of this house and it’s surrounding. It is a Period 8 Building sitting Zi facing Wu 午。Let’s study this real case using Xuan Kong Liu Fa:


This formation is not considered good from XK Liufa formation point of view because it causes both wealth and health issues. This was confirmed by my client. The “liufa” master may have missed out the real meaning of Castle Gate and thus selected the wrong Castle Gate resulting in error setting the feng shui formation. As a  result, the Zhen Shen was drowned causing the health and well being of the house to declined while the Ling Shen “died” of dehydration and this lead to unstable wealth.

The other possible mistakes that the “Liufa” master did was the wrong setting of the door and missed the vital land form signs surrounding the house.  It is difficult to explain the entire formation here but basically because this house miss 2 important formation thus causing setbacks to the house occupants.

Thus this case also highlight few important things. One of it there are many famous masters who charges very exorbitant fees yet did not deliver the positive results. However, I should say that not all famous masters out there to make their money without conscience. It’s is because most of them did not acquired the correct knowledge. This is usually because they acquired their knowledge from a self learned master! Sometimes it’s just a naive mistake and an expensive one for their clients.

With a persuasive look and good marketing skills, they becomes famous. Thus over the years, many once famous masters now have left the feng shui world.


Feng Shui is an true art to help improve our destiny and well being and not used as a topic of argument in the internet who is more holy or being creative by creating newly untested method and start selling. Yang Yun Sung, one of the great feng shui masters of the past have mentioned that good feng shui is not for everyone and I think he meant both the practitioner as well as the client.

At the end it is all between the three holy spirits, you, client and the almighty.

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