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Yin Zhai Feng Shui & Life Grave

The word ‘Feng Shui’ derived during the reign of Jin Dynasty (265 – 420AD) when Guo Pu, the author of the book Zhang Jing (Study of Burial Ground) first used it. In the book he says, “The travel of Qi is conducted by air and water. When the air is dispersed, the Qi too is dispersed; when the water is stagnant, the Qi too is stagnant.”

Feng Shui can be classified into the Theory School, which has three different aspects: The San He, The San Yuan and The Nine Star and The Form School with its emphasis on the study of landscaping. The Theory School was practiced more in the North and Central China while The Form School in the South. After the Ming Dynasty they were merged as one to give a wholesome picture and study of Feng Shui, which was until then sort of incomplete.

The entire knowledge of Feng Shui can be divided into Yin and Yang Feng Shui. Yin Feng Shui refers to the study of the Feng Shui of grave sites and burial grounds; whereas Yang Feng Shui refers to the study of Feng Shui of residences and commercial dwellings for living persons.

In the olden days, there was no demarcation on the studies of Yin and Yang Feng Shui as the theories were interconnected and intertwined. Therefore, the complete study of Feng Shui must consist of both Yin and Yang Feng Shui, which are inseparable. We must however remember that Yang Feng Shui is not necessarily derived from Yin Feng Shui and vice versa.

Nowadays, most Feng Shui masters only learn one part on Yang Feng Shui and not the entire knowledge of Feng Shui. In order to be a complete Feng Shui master, one must know both the theories and applications of Yin and Yang Feng Shui.



In addition to knowing the theories and applications on Feng Shui (landforms), one must also know how to use a Luo Pan and the skill of Date Selection especially in San Yuan System. Without knowing all this three fields, one’s knowledge of Feng Shui is incomplete.

For that reason alone, to be a Yin Feng Shui practitioner, one has to carry out the task with utmost precision. The experience of a Feng Shui master is very imperative in Yin Feng Shui. In the past, it usually took more than 10 years of practical experience for a Feng Shui practitioner to qualify to carry out Yin Feng Shui accurately and effectively. With Master Francis Leyau’s systematic approach in teaching Yin Feng Shui and modern technology, one will be able to learn this course in a shorter period of time.

We must remember that the accuracy and precision of applications in Yin Feng Shui is of utmost importance as the consequences could be disasterous to the descendants if done wrongly; whereas any mistakes in Yang Feng Shui only affects one family.

The steps involved in performing Yin Feng Shui are…

  • The concept of Cang Feng and De Shui (Cang Feng means store wind – the ability to accumulate Qi and De Shui – to acquire water)
  • Identification of mountain ranges (The study of Shan Long or Long Mai – Dragons)
  • Steps in looking for a good niche
  1. Xin Long Zhuo Mai
  2. Xin Long Dian Xue
  3. Ming Chau An Gong
    • The meeting point of water (These are four key concepts of Luan Tou to Yin Feng Shui known as Long, Sha, Xue and Shui)          
  •  Only on this course Master Leyau will reveal the secret of building Live Grave since he has announced his retirement and hence this is one opportunity not to be missed if you are serious about learning Yin Feng Shui.

The above knowledge is very important as it is the deciding factor on the method of application in opening the hole. This is very significant as it has to be aligned according to the deceased’s date of birth and the birth date of his/ her children in order to tap the benefits for the descendants fully.

An auspicious date and time have to be carefully chosen to erect the headstone for the best outcomes and to avoid disasters.

Many people think, is Yin Feng Shui as good as Yang Feng Shui or even better? Many modern Feng Shui Masters would brush off Yin Feng Shui as something irrelevant. However, if you ask any real Lineage master, like Master Leyau, Master Issac Chung, Master Prof. Yang Kim Voon, they will share their experience on Yin Feng Shui as something that exists and powerful provided it is done correctly. Like the old saying goes:

“A lousy doctor would only kill one person. However, a lousy Feng Shui master could cause disaster to the entire descendants.”

Yin Feng Shui is to tap the underground Internal Qi and together with External Qi they marry in Xuan Kong giving rise to real potent energy. If you know Qi Gong you can relate better. In Qi Gong, you use internal energy and coupled with external energy from the muscles, you increase the power few fold. Imagine the same analogy in Yin Feng Shui.

YinZhai02 This diagram here shows how internal Qi travels to affect graves. When the deceased is buried in a properly done grave, it will affect the decendants because they are blood linked. Just like how your parents are linked to you and how they are linked to their parents.

So Life Graves or Sheng Ji, works on the same theory except that body but rather parts of the body is used to represent the person. Personal things like hair, finger nails etc are placed into an urn and be buried in similar fashion as how a grave would have been done. Of course, there are proper procedure to do it for it to be effective.

The reason for Life Grave is being sought after is because living people can benefit from the internal Qi to boost their luck to achieve what they want. It can be health, luck, prosperity, children luck or even authority.

While there are variations on how it is being done, Master Leyau is sharing this method, never shared before to public before his retirement. So if you are interested to bring your level of feng shui to the highest level, this San Yuan Version is something you cannot miss.

Master Leyau Setting The Tomb Stone
Master Leyau Setting The Tomb Stone
Date Selection is Vital
Date Selection is Vital











The Yin Zhai Course will be taught in the English Language personally by Master Francis Leyau who has an extensive experience of 35 years in Yin Feng Shui. Some of his experiences include the supervision of exhuming remains, shifting grave sites, searching and aligning new burial plots, life grave and grave designs. Master Leyau has also been teaching Yin Feng Shui for 30 years.

Material courtesy of Master Leyau.

Course Details:

The Yin FengShui course is divided into 3 days classroom theory and 6 days Practical and site visits.

Date     :           18-26 October 2014
Venue   :         Melaka, Malaysia.
Time     :          10am to 5pm daily
Course Fees:  USD10,000

NOTE: The Course fees include transportations during the on-site Practical, food and site entrance fees (if any).  Hotel accommodation is NOT included in the Course fees.

Seats are Limited! Secure your seat NOW & secure your future competitiveness!

For registration, email: fengshuimastery@hotmail.my