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Change in Bed

It has been a while since I last published a post. Glad that I have some time and some good news to share this time around.

I was engaged by a MD of a Public Listed company to help him improve his health and have better rest.

He moved into this house more than 10 years ago and had feng shui consulted before moving in. The current bed was also instructed by the feng shui master to be placed in the North sector of the bedroom.

Upon checking, I immediately see why his health as deteriorating due to mainly lacking of rest. Notably, he has huge responsibility at work and thus the high level of stress.


I advised him to shift the bed to the West sector to benefit from the auspicious Qi. 3 months after, the effect has been felt. Sleep pattern has improved.

But how long will it take to effectively improve his health which has affected by the old bed position, is something to be followed up.

In Classical Feng Shui, getting the bed rightly placed is important for good health. Without health, one cannot pursue good wealth opportunity. It is not so much as more Wealth Less Health but more importantly, the bed has to match the owner to reap maximum benefit.

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