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81 Combination in Flying Star

Almost all who studied Flying Star Feng Shui will know or heard of the 81 combinations. The 81 combinations comes from pairing the Sitting Star with the Facing Star. Here you will see an example of a combination read as 6 1 combination.

61 comboTechnically in Flying Star system, the top left corner is where the Sitting Star located while the Top Right hand corner is where the Facing Star is located. By convention we read the combination based on Sitting Star + Facing Star and thus why this is called a 6 1 combination.

But how do we actually interpret the flying star chart using the combinations?

There are many ways or methods to read the combinations but the pre-requisite is to first be able to link these correct sets of numbers to the house. By this I mean, how do you relate a 6 1 and 1 6 to a house. They can be different in meaning depending on the formation of landform surrounding the house. Good or Bad is all from there.

If one cannot do that then, those numbers are just a set of number as they cannot relate the house to reality.

Then if one can relate the correct sets of numbers according to real flying star methods, surely you can tell what is happening in the house. With this information, then a San Yuan Feng Shui Master can change the fortune of the occupants. In a way, having the correct understanding of the 81 combination is vital to any Master to have success in the cases.

Many people ask me how do I remember all the 81 combination because to them it seems almost impossible if not a long tedious process. I can do it only after finishing my class with Master Francis Leyau. Amazing? I can only say I found a brilliant Master who knows how to make things simple to remember but more importantly it is because it is founded on correct theories. When the theory is correct, then everything becomes clear. Simply put it, there is a short cut to remembering it.

Here is one student specifically talking about this in his testimonial…

Master Alan, first I would like to thank you for the 4 days course, the way you teach was easy to follow and understand. Never before I would think I can remember the 81 combination. I can also see my house from the combinations easily. The case study was also good. I can now understand how actually feng shui is really done. Again Big Thank you Master!

Peter Ong

Here is an interesting question, actually in reality there is only 80 possible combinations since 1 set is missing. Which is the missing combination? You can check all the 9 period chart and 1 combination is missing.

Then why this mission combination exist in the 81 combinations? Is it just for sake of completeness ? It exists because in WuChang we can have this combination.

When you plot the flying star chart automatically you will find 8 usable combinations of numbers, however in Wu Chang School we have additional sets of numbers which allow us to tell more things than other schools & thus have a more deeper understanding of the house.

In addition to that, interpretation of the 81 Combinations can also come from one of these Feng Shui Classic books of Xuan Ji Fu , Fei Xing Fu, Zi Bai Jue and Xuan Kong Mi Zi .

To be able to interpret from these 4 major classics of Xuan Kong, one needs to understand how the classics are written but importantly the hidden meaning behind it. There are many people who attempt to interpret it from the academic point of view but somehow mostly are in accurate. When you put them together somehow they will contradict somewhere.

Apart from those methods listed above, there is another way of interpretation of these numbers and it is by the application of Yi Jing. Using Yi Jing we can convert the 81 numbers into Hexagram and interpret the numbers accordingly.

For example, if you have the hexagram Lei Feng Heng, XKMZ says one will certainly by hurt by knife while Fei Xin Fu says will have abnormal secret affair.

Converting to hexagram will give additional layer to understanding the 81 combination. For example you have a 2 5 in the house. Which will happen compared to if you have a 5 2.? Conventional methods will say they are about the same but in actual fact there will be a difference. The key is in the hexagram.

Next, when will the event happen? Sshhh….secret…

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