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Water Methods – Hey! Water Where Are You Heading To?.

Some time back, I was on a Feng Shui consultation on a new house and the owner after the audit was chit chatting with me about feng shui and slowly he pull me into a conversation that I did not know it was going to be interesting.

Apparently, he has house not far away where he was staying for a few years already. He said the previous celebrity master who audited his house advised him to sell the house since it is not good. It will result in havoc and loss of money. So out of curiosity, I asked if I can see it.

He brought me to his house and indeed in front of the house, there is a drain flowing in the direction as shown below. The house is facing South and the direction of the water is coming from the East side and then curving out to SW direction. He recalled that the master mentioned something “…..Bad Later Heaven Water….”.

But I was surprised because according to my knowledge, this outgoing water is supposed to bring him good financial results. It sounds stupid but I asked anyway to confirm if he did better since he stayed in this house. Affirmatively, he answered a resounding “Oh, Yes but it got me worried initially after what he said…..”

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