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Mid Valley Megamall Fire Again

Mid Valley Megamall is famous for its crowd pulling ability since the mall is usually crowded despite pandemics or even financial crisis days. It has become the envy of mall operators in Klang Valley. However, there is another factor that this mall is famous for that is unique to Mid Valley Mall only and that is Fire hazards. Here is also another post back in 2019 that you can read when it last caught fire.

To date, if my memory serves me right, it has been 4 times with 2 being major. The other 2 was just minor fire in the center court (video below) and one in one of the restaurants outside but attached to this mall.

So this begs the question why seems that only Mid Valley has this issue but not other busy malls such as Sunway Pyramid, Suria KLCC, 1 Utama or even Pavillion Bukit Bintang? Not even the less busy malls in Klang valley has multiple times on Fire!

The latest fire was massive stamping from the TNB (National Electricity Company) substation located in front of the mall. This is quite a major one that both Mid Valley and The Gardens Mall are forced to shut it’s operations due to power failure for a day.


Non Feng shui believers will attribute this event to the hot weather we are experiencing here lately but Feng Shui practitioners like me too believe the weather has attributed in some way to this problem. However, we dive a bit deeper into the energy level because like I have said many times, ENERGY CREATES RESULTS!.

Why did other malls do not have such fire problems when the entire Klang Valley is experiencing the same weather?

17 May 2023 巳 hour Flying Star Chart

Energy has potential in creating results. For example, any object has Potential energy but it is useless until it converts into kinetic energy that moves objects and when the object goes in a high speed, it can kill since the energy is very strong. So you can see clearly, that energy creates results.

Likewise, when this mall Feng Shui has strong potential fire energy, it has the potential to create the result which is the real Fire! All it needs is a triggering point as in timing or external factors to materialize it.

This is how San Yuan Feng Shui system works. It analyses the potential energy of any building and also predicts the triggering time from observing the movement of stars. This is the reason why, San Yuan 9 stars system is so powerful in Yang House Feng Shui.

Of course there are many San He practitioners who will always cry and swear that 9 Stars or Flying Stars system is not a workable one. That is because they had not the real knowledge of 9 Stars.

If the house has sickness problem, the tenants will bound to have sickness, just waiting for the yearly stars to trigger the event. This is how Feng Shui works in the real world. Its not like what most practitioners are echoing each other that Feng Shui is based on this and that such as the curve road, sky crack sha, T junctions, Air wells etc. Some goes to the extend of using Talisman or blessing with Vermillion powder ink.

Unless, the management of Mid Valley improves/corrects the Feng Shui formation, history will just repeats itself in the future.

Another round of potential Fire hazard is likely to occur in June / July 2025 the year of the Wood Snake 乙巳.

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