Divination, Feng Shui

Feng Shui And Divination

How the World was Fooled with Divination Disguised as Feng Shui?

In my previous article, I have defined the difference between Divination and Astrology. Here I would like to discuss Divination with Feng Shui. Divination is a separate art from Feng Shui but to an unknown person, it seems the same thing. Before I begin lets define them individually.

In Chinese metaphysics, it is divided into 5 categories and hence sometimes referred to as 5 arts of Chinese metaphysics or in short Chinese Five Arts. They are namely:

  1. Divination 卜
  2. Astrology 命
  3. Physiognomy 相
  4. Medicine 医
  5. Mountains 山

Feng Shui falls under physiognomy because it is related to the physical features of the land. What are then the physical features of a land. Well it is simple, just Hills / Mountains & Waters as in Rivers or Lakes. Of course then hills or mountains comes in different sizes and shapes right? Thus ancient scholars define feng shui under Physiognomy which is the same category of palmistry and face reading.

Divination is the art of deciphering at that very instance, a signal or omen from the nature to derive and answer. It’s core system is the I-Ching & Shapes of nature. In essences it is called Augury. Why it is call an Augury? This is because the feature or phenomena that gives you the augury may not stay long. I can share a bit how it is being done in another blog post.

Type 1 – Pure Land Form Feng Shui (Xing Fa, 形法)

Some practitioners call themselves the land form masters that looks at physical features of house or surrounding the house to define what is happening or will happen in the house. This is possible because the “signals” in the forms and shape can tell what is going or what will happen. However, without the compass part, we cannot define who will benefit or gets into trouble for it.

Example, in front of the house has a treasure box mountain, the practitioner will say this house can produce millionaires and since the house is the first house so he is the biggest benefactor. Something of this order.

A row of houses or shops shares the same or almost same but why not the same results? the same house that the billionaire used to say could not produce the same result for the new tenant, why?

Type 2 – Feng Shui by Eyes Observation (心易)

This type of method by observing the surrounding for clues or hints or omens. At the moment the practitioner walking out of the balcony the instance a bridge with 8 cars on it says “You got married 8 years ago!” The owner gets awestruck!

Type 3 – Qi Men Dun Jia (Modern application)

One of the modern usage for this art of Qi Men Dun Jia is to use for feng shui application. However, in the past Qi Men was a weather forecasting art because in a war back in those days, knowing the weather pattern is vital to winning a battle. A famous battle won due to early knowledge in weather was the Battle of The Red Cliff during the 3 Kingdom era.

Thus in short, divination will give that euphoric feeling. While divination can give you clues and predict the events, it cannot give you the long term solution if it is a Feng Shui problem. Its like I can tell you have high blood pressure but I cannot cure your high blood issue with the high blood pressure gauge!

A Real Story

It was a real story told to me by my student. There was a Master, let’s call this person Master D. Master D is well known in the market for his divination skills but to many of his students and clients, they think this is part of Feng Shui. So Master D arrived at a piece of land his client wanted to sell. He started to divine and told the client that he wanted to get a loan but was unsuccessful. He could even tell which year he attempted the borrowings. The Client was awed by his fantastic prediction a.k.a. Divination skills.

As a result of this the impressed client decided to engage Master D to help him sell this land has he needed the money and even asked him to Feng Shui his house and office.

So Master D who was delighted asked the client to open a road on the West side of the land so that he could sell it quick.

After a year the land is still unsold, the business did not improved at all after Master D feng shui the house and all remedial works was diligently followed, the poor 80+ year old mother had to do the dish washing outside the house because Master D told that water in the house is bad for them. Just 2 months ago, the wife had a bad fall in the toilet in the house.

As a result of this, the client began to feel skeptical to proceed with the office renovation as the house renovation had cost him a lot of money. When the house remedy did not bring about improvements as promised, the earnings and savings was already waning.

Put On Your Logical Thinking Hat

Why was the prediction so accurate but the Feng Shui work sucked? You may want to justify for Master D work but the answer is very simple. He was good in Divination art but sucked in his Feng Shui skills.

Unfortunately, to a simple and common mind, how would one be able to distinguish that Divination was not the same as Feng Shui? Thus they will fall into trap of fake Feng Shui practitioners that cost them a lot.

If you have a Feng Shui problem, you may get in touch with us. Do not need to suffer in silence.