Will The Client Secure The Lease?

I Ching (pronounced as Yi Jing 易经) divination is one of the Chinese Metaphysics streams of studies. Like its other famous cousin Qi Men Dun Jia 奇门遁甲, it has recently saw a resurgence of interest in this system. There are many methods in Divination but I find the Plum Blossom method is the easiest to learn and produces accurate results for me at least, thus far.

Similarly with all Chinese Metaphysics studies, each stream of study whether it is Bazi, Feng Shui or divination, it has its own set of rules and methods that a practitioner abide to. Master Alan Chong constantly remind us in the Plum Blossom I Ching Divination lessons that if you utilise a metaphysics study strictly to its origin intended purpose, then the outcome will have a higher accuracy level. That provided you adhere strictly to the rules, principles and importantly the correct guidance. He also advised us not to fall into the 3M Trap ( Marketing, Mystical and Miracle ) where a system is marketed for been able to be utilised for varied purposes apart from its original purpose.  

Now the big question! Will the Client Secure a Lease that meets the criteria before the deadline?

Plum Blossom Divination 梅花易数

Initial Gua  初卦

About 7 weeks ago (July 2022), I received a phone call from a major client late in the afternoon. From the conversation, I was duly informed that they have run into a tight situation. They must secure a new warehouse space that meets certain criteria within a certain tight deadline due to an unexpected event. Well, seeking a lease is one thing. Meeting the storage space condition is another… And then there is potential commercial losses if they failed to secure a lease in time. 

After the call, I did a casting on behalf of the client (for my own interest purpose) and from the Initial Gua observation, the client is able to seek a suitable premise but it will come with challenges.  I followed up with the client  a couple of days later and true enough that did found the place that meets their criteria 

Mutual Gua  互卦

True to the  I Ching Gua, the customer problems did not end with finding the right warehouse space. They were late in submitting their paperwork and offer and by then the Real estate agent have received another formal offer. The Mutual Gua indicated the same, with indication of documentation challenges. Panic mode set in as they only have another 2 weeks to resolved this challenge. After having some discussion with the customer, we have set up some contingency plan to help the customer in their hour of need. This is only as a last resort if no other option is available as it will cause disruption to our own operations.  

Final Gua  变卦

During our meeting,  I have encouraged my client to revisit the Real Estate agent and have a discussion with them if they will allow them to submit their lease offer albeit its been slightly late.  I left the issue with the client and in my mind wondering if I have casted the divination wrongly. I even contacted Master Alan Chong for his guidance. His reaction to me was, did you do “this , this and this”.  I answered yes and he reply comments were, “ don’t panic…it’s not over until it’s over and to give it another week.”  A week later,  I was informed by the major client that they managed to secure the premises despite a previous firm offer.  Strange how the universe works heh ….  

By – KS Lee

KS has learned and used Plum Blossom method to his benefit and same time helped his client based on the Gua / Trigram derived. This is strategy gained from the knowledge that the universe has provided during the casting.

The other attribute why I believed KS was able to use this method well is because he has diligently followed the method taught without mix and matching with other schools of PB Divination methods or other Yi Jing methods.

The Chinese Metaphysics market is now over crowded and many has gone from bad to worse after engaging some “masters” services thus the one quick way to draw out fakes is following the 3M rule; avoid heavy Marketing, Mystical and Miracle makers – Master Alan

Avoid 3M : Marketing, Mystical and Miracle

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