2021 Astrological Review

Disclaimer: Those who have followed me over the years knows that I am not a fan for general predictions. Thus it was no different for 2020. Some masters got it right while majority was wrong about 2020. The one master who got it almost correct took it from the old text of Earth Mother Classics and expanded it.

This year I have received many invitation including from Exxx Mxxxxxx newspaper to do an on camera interview since they wanted to know about Xin Chou 辛丑 the Metal Ox year (2021) and how it impact Malaysia in particular to Foreign Investment, Economy and Covid 19. There are also many students and group members who are eager to hear some good news from me.

Those who got it wrong is a testament on my teaching to some of my student on this subject of “How To Predict Like A Pro?”. Those of you will know what I have told you in private is correct. Its a little like magic show, its not really magic but some logical, eye deceiving trick applied. Of course the less sophisticated version goes like this.

The famous master will have his yearly talk on date X, then all his students will organise their talk on a later than date X so they will share out to their own customers and audience what their teacher have shared with some minor modification to the presentation. This is the level of Chinese metaphysics today. They were all given a fish but never taught to fish.

Clearly, those who chases after general annual prediction is more of a commercial guy. A true master knows these are not the real application of Chinese Metaphysics. If the commercial guy is in good luck, sure he will get a few corrects. The reason is Chinese Metaphysics is always dependent on the Taiji. If you truly understand what is a Taiji then you will get what I mean.

Nonetheless, it was indeed entertaining to read what these masters have to say. Maybe I will pen down a few over the years of observation.

One master likes to shift the prediction point as he likes. One year he uses the center of the world map which is somewhere in the Middle East and the next year he uses Beijing to justify his predictions.

I remember another who predicts that Kim Jong Un has died and we can never trust news coming out of North Korea. Well it should remind us again and retrospect the real purpose of  art of Chinese metaphysics. Life is so uncertain and even gold is never 100% pure!

Another who predicted Trump will win in 2020 but then changed his prediction a few days after Nov 3 election date.

An unforgettable one is that the Forest fire in Brazil was linked to the Bazi of the President of Brazil!

One master predicted Malaysia would go bad by 2021 but it happened one year earlier thus I guess his economic advisors model did not advise him well.

Another was so happy because he predicted this year a plane will fall from the skies when the Indonesia plane crashed into the sea. Well my friends this is the art of predicting like a pro!. Every year there is a plane crash, don’t believe me? check it out yourself.

Anyhow, these people still have large followers around the globe since they find it a profound knowledge and fascinating. This is the world of Yin and Yang cycling as in the moon waxing and waning. It never ceases to amaze people don’t they?

Malaysia 2021 Ox Year Context

I am a believer of living life natural as it can be and thus this art is to help ourselves to make our live a little smoother as we journey along this life. But this year, I will give a little perspective about Malaysia in particular from the Feng Shui and a little from Yi Jing for the reason to help others plan.

Metal Ox 辛丑 Year begins on Feb 3rd 2021 till Feb 3rd 2022.

The alignment of stars this year wont a paint a rosy picture for Malaysia when Sickness star goes to the North and the Robbery Stars aligns itself in the North West. This is to say the political unrest will continue, the Covid-19 case will dwell on longer for Malaysia than for the rest of the world. With the Broken Army star in the NW sector this will bring a slow or negative economy outlook for Malaysia. It can even bring unrest.

USA may be worst hit now but their recovery rate will be better than Malaysia in Ox Year. The economy outlook of Malaysia will also be slow and there will be many unexpected issues to come and this will surely have a strong impact on the country’s economy recovery.

2021 Xin Chou Flying Star Chart

The general public will just have to endure one more year and things will be better towards January of 2022. Jun 午, July 未 and December 子 are quite disturbing months.

Covid-19 / Economy / Investments Outlook For Malaysia

In these two sub sections, I will add a little prediction from Yi Jing. 2021 or Metal Ox year is the gua of Ming Yi meaning, the dimming of the light. Of course it doesn’t give a bright outlook. It basically means that even in the moment when we think there is a hope or a positive change is announced, we have to take it with a pinch of salt, do not let down our guard.

Towards the July-August-September months of the year (未/申/酉) will see a huge obstacles for Malaysia. The overall situation becomes unfavorable or major turmoil may happen while pandemic wise, women folks have to be extra careful. It can also means poultry animals.

Our take home point is to be patient and persevering but most important this is a year of conservation or being conservative. Of course I don’t mean all sectors will have the same fate. There will be some sectors or businesses that will flourish. This is just a general outlook of the country’s situation.

It seems that both Feng Shui and Yi Jing point of view is more or less the same. It further reminds us to stay vigilant at all times. Of course it’s not doom all the way but some months are better off than others. I am just giving an overview here only.

If your Bazi annual luck is good or your house or office Feng Shui is good, of course you will be less impacted compared to your peers. Nonetheless, we should be conservative (Ming Yi) too.

Covid-19 In General

My personal opinion that the world Covid-19 situation will improve significantly once we enter the Ox year on February 4th, 2021 but that’s the world’s view and things will get to a more stable ground after July and on a more solid scene towards January. However for Malaysia the progress will be slower than the world’s average, just to give you a sense of feeling.


These are just gross information to help us plan but will never know the ultimate grand plan our creator has in mind. Take this information and plan it to our advantage if we understand our BaZi Luck cycle and House Feng Shui better. It should not be taken like a ritual but rather as a guide and we shall play along as we move on.

You may revisit this blog post in the beginning of 2022 and laugh at me….Meantime, stay safe, be resilient and stay sober!

Updates April 2021


27 April 2021
This is shortly after 18 March government announced MCO2.0


We went to all high records of above 6000 daily cases with above 40 deaths daily. This is because the combination of Annual 6 and Monthly 2 center stars.

Many videos on Facebook about the people are very angry with the government as well the slow implementation of vaccine compared to other ASEAN countries. It begs the question WHY?

Then we over took India and USA for percentage people infected / 100,000 citizens.

LRT Train Crash many injured and Covid cases up 8k cases and daily deceased touching 60.

My updated prediction which I missed out above is that the prospect of Covid19 gradually disappearing is high (for the world in general).

May month alone 2285 people died of Covid-19.

Some good news on investments but hope it materialize sooner than just a lock in number.


Full economic lockdown from June 1 – 14. What will be the economic impact in the months to come. Seems July will be a big impact to Malaysia as predicted. We shall see since I believe it will be a both political and economic set back.

Essential or not? Restaurant owners boiling mad with Miti ( Many business owners including Locksmith industry and TCM are not allowed as Essential industry. Many are very frustrated.

Vaccination also drew many frustration with private GPs pretty upset.

CucukMyPress: Vaccination for media personnel to start Wednesday, says Khairy ( Only now….pretty late.

Moody’s outlook Two-week lockdown to dent Malaysia’s economic recovery: Moody’s Analytics (

MCO extended to June 28th.…and Astra Zeneca vaccine from Bangkok got delayed.

After the people are angry why the vaccination process is so slow, Foreign Minister used his good connections and managed to secure some vaccines from China. Good news indeed!

MCO3.0 extended to July 12th. Cases are still in the region of 5000 per day.

This is a real concern that inflation will continue to rise even till 2022. Something has to be done or else the economic stimulus for B40 group will mean nothing at the end.

As we end June, few news worth noting down for future reference.

  1. White flag campaign by the people to facilitate those who really needs urgent food aid.
  2. EMCO in largely Selangor state from 2 Jul to 16 Jul. Cases are up trend to 6 while in Singapore 2 person dine in already allowed and China had a major celebration of the Communist party with so many people sitting so near and not wearing mask. It is heart aching to watch the big contrast.
  3. Suicide rate went up.
  4. The King has given his 3rd reminder for Parliament to convene.
  5. World trend is coming down vs Malaysia’s up trend both infections and death.

July 乙未

Critical month. Major economic problems will peak this month as Star 9 enters NE sector. Major unrest and political turmoil is expected.

Umno retracted support for PM Mahiaddin putting the country into another political uncertainty. Cases up to a new high of above 8000 cases after we are into 5th week of a lockdown. Discharge is all time low of 5 in one day. Death rates is also passing the 100 mark. Ministry of Health is preparing more beds and quarantine centers.

Bloomberg Opinion on 9Jul,

True picture of Covid crisis now being seen, says think tank ( – vaccination center 204 staffs infected with covid.

A week of records – for deaths, infections and vaccinations (

Olympic: Lee Jii Jia, Goh Liu Ying-Peng Soon, Alex Double, Farah Ann, Soh-Alex Chia (Bronze medal), Pandalela Rinong-Leong Mun Yee all out before semifinals.

Covid: Cases still hovering in the region of 16,000 and death more than 100 each day making us the highest per million people. Now even cases of brought in dead are rising and MOH is pushing patients to private hospitals. Contract doctors goes on strike over unfair treatment and uncertain future. The consolation is we have the highest vaccination rate in the world for this month.

very dire situation in the health care system

4 Aug before we enter Shen month on the 8th Aug Malaysia Covid had new high in cases and death rate.

Politics: Law minister misled the King. Umno retracted support for PM but PM8 refuse to stand down and will want to prove in September Parliament to prove it.

Economy: High unemployment rate among graduates but labour force employment is better compared to 2020 of the same period. Some good news on Penang side where Penang government announced huge investment from Lam Research.

August 丙申

Outlook for this month is still not super for Malaysia but comparatively better than July or the Wei month. This month, women will likely make the headlines. Based on recent development it seems a possibility to have political struggle too. We may not have to wait till September for a change in leadership. Well shall see as we enter the Shen month on the 8th of August.

Again Master Alan’s prediction came through even though during Aug 6 it seems not.

Now that Muhyiddin has resigned, who will be the next PM? Many potential candidates and many has asked Master if Anwar Ibrahim can be? Without the hour of birth, this year is metal year thus there is a small chance as metal is his favourable element, the unfortunate set back is this is fire monkey month thus will diminish his chances to become a small chance.

Malaysia got a few medals in the Paralympic Sports Tokyo.

September 丁酉

September will continue to be turbulent especially economically and political tussle, consistent with the annual energy.

Covid cases still above 18,000 cases with daily deaths between 250-350.

I will be updating less in the following months.

Oct / Nov 2021 – the never ending story of contract doctors.

A country too busy with names that could confuse muslims…the saga continues

Borders opening up while Sinovac recipients accepted by UK, USA, Australia without need for quarantine.

Budget 2022 was a disappointment to most business but a big win for Bumiputra agenda.

Dec 2021

Those who left us in 2021

Malaysian ended the year near Christmas with a massive flood, never in the history of this country affecting Selangor, Benson, Mentakab, Nigeria Sembilan and even Melaka.

If Indonesia new capital is correctly designed Feng Shui wise, It will spell hard times for Malaysia.
We did our prediction way earlier and even without some other vital information we are close to it. Good enough I think……Bazi Astrology can tell some thing ahead only if you learn the correct method.
Jan 2022

Ending the Ox year with some relief that Covid has come down in accordance to our prediction earlier. 2021 has proven to be a tough year for Malaysia with national debt gone up, massive flood added much more suffering to the country on top of Covid.

Real Feng Shui don’t lie, while it many not be 100% accurate since we do not have access to many other layers of other information, nonetheless the level of accuracy we have gotten is good enough to prove that metaphysics is a real deal.