Plum Blossom Divination – Birthday Gift

Students asking me for more real stories on Plum Blossom Divination so I spoken to a few students and SJ volunteered to share this case she did for her self after learning this beautiful art of Plum Blossom.

Yi Jing Study

plum blossom divination is derived from the knowledge of Yi Jing, the earliest knowledge of Chinese metaphysics that already dated back as long as 6000 years ago according to some historical text.

Plum blossom is an easy art to cast and to help us by giving us a clue onto the situation we have concerns and seek guidance. In this case, it was done for learning purposes by the student.

This student has previous knowledge from other schools and she knows that every schools of Yi Jing is also different in their approach and methodology. Let’s read on her story :

Plum Blossom Divination Chart – SJ

I was wondering since my birthday is around the corner and I wonder if there will be any chance if my children will remember my birthday and send me a wish since couple of weeks ago we had some misunderstandings.

I am doing this out of practice since Master Alan always encourage us to do more cases to improve our skills. Pardon me, I will try to be as simple as possible avoiding complicated technical terms.

Initial Gua or Hexagram

Gua 46 with the image of wind beneath earth, tells me that the situation is unfavourable to me at present.

Yes, correct, because we had some earlier misunderstanding and till this date, there had been no signs of reconciliation from them.

Mutual Gua or Hexagram

This gua 54 is a changing sign because the situation is changing towards a favourable position noting the the adversary will make a move towards me the Host gua in this hexagram. Usually this means there can be a change in hearts.

It is like clear sky after a rainstorm…..serene.

Final Gua or Hexagram

The gua of 师 (7) shows that I will get what I wanted or hoped for but this victory will be delayed or small. It does not mean a major victory because the environmental factor has not ripen.

The outcome was like this; the first gift did come but it came late in the afternoon so to my surprise but I was elated, to be honest. The second gift came about dinner time so it was a pleasant dinner for me. I texted Master and told him the good news but then seemed the 3rd gift did not arrive and so I went to bed early that night.

Then the next day, I saw the was a message and the the 3rd gift did come after all. Haha…I am happy for 2 reasons, one is being happy that all my beloved daughters did not forget my birthday and secondly, of course my casting of the Plum Blossom divination was accurate.


The entire process of casting till interpretation requires less than 10 minutes and it is straight forward unlike other divination method such as Qimendunjia (奇门遁甲), is harder to cast and requires a software or a Qimen calendar which can be costly and not readily available.

This is the beauty of Yi Jing 易经 knowledge, simple, straight forward and yet profound but it is happiest when you could apply what you learn and reap the benefits of it.