Plum Blossom Divination Case

Divination is one of the 5 key aspects of Chinese Metaphysics study. There are various methods to do a divination but the easiest and accurate method is the Plum Blossom Divination or 梅花易数. The other method that is now popularly marketed is the Qi Men Dun Jia method which is harder to learn and very dependent on the calendar availability something the Plum Blossom method do not require.

Divination is a method to guide us and give us a hint about a future outcome. Sometimes all we need is a hint so we are better prepared for the eventualities. Let me share with you a REAL case my student did after learning the art of Plum Blossom Divination.

As a former novice learner of QMDJ, I decided to invest in Plum Blossom Divination (PBD) course offered by Master Alan Chong recently. Strictly personal opinion only, I find that sometimes in life all we want to know is a YES or NO answer. The many formulas and formations of QMDJ can easily lead us down a wrong path if we interpret the formation inaccurately. One of the important facts that I have been convinced is this, if we have 3 person asking the same question at the same time, generally the answer is the same at the specific period of time due to QMDJ formation at that particular point in time. Whereas in Plum Blossom Divination, you are likely to get 3 different answers and formations.

Back to the divination, I was bringing the kids to pet adoption centre on the 31st December. While browsing through the web and screening the available pet for adoption, I have “two minds” about the trip tomorrow. It was there and then spontaneously I decided to do a PBD casting. Taken a glance at an “ object” ie my table clock I decided to use the number image there to do my casting and form my hexagram.

Plum Blossom Divination Chart

Initial Gua – indicates the Gua saying that it will notbe a very favourable since the Host was in a weakened position. The gua also indicates eagerness. Through enough at the that point in time while scanning the web I didn’t expect that the trip will be favourable as the pet available does not appear to suit the kid’s requirement and ability to look after.

It turns out the excitement out weight the prospect of the internet search, that the kids were so looking forward to having a dog that they would not be concerned if it’s there will be a dog available or not. They weren’t concerned if it is going to be a pedigree or not.

Mutual Gua – This gua is saying that it appears that during this period, the kids should be able to find a suitable pet.

Surprising enough, when we visited the centre the next day and I have totally forgotten about the PBD divination I casted the night before… the kids were able to find a pet that they like, much to my surprise !!!!!. And then the “alarm bell” rang in my head regarding the PBD casting. While they were all excited, I was very quiet observant throughout the trip as … continue below

Final Gua – Host appear to be in favourable position. But wait …. If we utilise the PBD method as taught by Master Alan, in the final Gua, the Host will be a very tight situation since the environment of the time and in the end, may not lead to any real clear advantage.

True enough, during the adoption interview process we encountered some hurdles and the interviewer was hesitant in allowing for the adoption due to several factors. I decided to drop the process after been advised and requested for reconsider on the sideline in private by the interviewer. However, for my benefit, the interviewer given me some tips and tricks for our future perusal which I appreciated very much.

Master Alan have repeated numerous times during the lecture, if we follow the methodology taught to the letter and sincere the PBD answer and prediction will be very consistent and accurate. I am now a converted but this also leads to a real dilemma….. what am I going to do with all the QMDJ stuff I invested in? hmmmm…….


We have BaZi for Astrology,

We have Plum Blossom for Divination,

We have Flying Star for Feng Shui,

Every tool is for a specific purpose, this is the precision of True Chinese Metaphysics.