Reflecting 2020

It has been a tradition for me to pen a few lines as we end each year and this year it is a little late but better late than never. It is late because of time, rushing the BaZi review reports as well Feng Shui annual reports.

We all know the world is still being affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Many have lost their lives to this virus and the world economy has come to almost a stop. I can imagine how many have lost their jobs, went bust in their business ventures and yet at the same time some new millionaires are created. Such is the Yin – Yang cycle playing upon us. Today total death from Covid stands at 1.8 million with 83 million infections. 1.8 million could translate to about almost 6% of the population of Malaysia.

At the local scene, Malaysia has not been spared of Covid-19. The 3rd wave has seen a rapid rise after the Sabah State election stamped from the political turmoil. As of today we have seen 463 death from the initial 124 in just less than 6 months. Total infection is 110,485 cases taking a toll on the healthcare system.

How About Me?

Life has been kind to me, I am still safe and healthy and I hoped it has been the same for you. The pandemic did not create a devastating impact for me financial wise, so it is something I have to be grateful for. This is where I think when you have good Feng Shui, it helps to reduce the impact to a manageable level. Of course I am speaking of real Feng Shui and not just any Feng Shui.

My clients has been doing fine as well while a few did do better despite all these so being in the right industry did affected the outcome. Well this is what I am happy to hear and it gives me stronger conviction on the role of good Feng Shui can do to help us.

For me on a more personal note, 2020 is a year of reflection, self discipline and contemplation and there are some new insights gained. Human can once again be more grounded, appreciating life and nature more than just chasing wealth all the time. New opportunities will arise after this pandemic. Sometimes quiet times nourishes us on a more spiritual level. Gratitude is the word.

Last but not least, my prediction on the USA presidential election was spot on. Will President elect Biden will have a smooth term is of course a different story.

Outlook 2021

I know you will want to ask me about what I think about 2021 or the Ox year (February 2021). I will pen something about it after some more detail study but here I just want to present a few gross observations.

On the local scene, I think Malaysians have to brace for a longer recovery whether from the pandemic or even economic wise. This has something to do with the Feng Shui of Malaysia and also the Karma created due to the unsettling and constant race & religion superiority issues. Malaysia is blessed land but severe brain drain over the decades has drawn down our competitiveness even regionally. The best assets one country can have is it’s Human assets. As the Dao says, Humans are the precious assets after Heaven and Earth. Nonetheless, we shall not lose hope. We should still harbour that dream for our children.

The leaders could learn from Hexagram 24 地雷復 that is to return to the origin roots.

Over the global side, I am confident after February the 3rd 2021, the pandemic will see a quick residing trend. It is possible since the SARS too did sort of died out itself and thus why the vaccine for SARS did not really got into the final phase. Let’s keep our fingers crossed so to speak. Of course economy will take a while to rebound but very soon the skies will be busier than ever.

Anyway, stay tuned for a more in-depth analysis hopefully before February the 3rd. Meantime, I wish you a healthy year and keep staying safe. Adios!

Keep the Distance, Sanitize and Mask Up like a Zorro.