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In Search For Real Feng Shui Master Part 1

here is an email send to me for help and with the sender’s permission for education purposes, I republish here with some comments, hopefully will give readers some ideas of what is really Feng Shui all about. Here is Part 1.

Flying Star 2 -5 Combination

I chanced upon your facebook and then went to read your blog on feng shui and flying stars as I am worried about the combination of 5-2 in my master bedroom and a 2-5 combi in my study room. Before we first moved in, my mum recommended her friend who had learnt about fengshui. At that time I didn’t know much about fengshui and not sure of his linage and just follow his advice. He made a drawing on the layout (8 pie & flying stars numbers). I was told he would put the ancient coins at some hidden corners that won’t be visible to us. We later replaced the coins when we consulted another master in 2018 with the ancient coins with the 6 emperor’s names. 

My Comments: Very common issue. You can see that there are just too many practitioners out there, cheap but results…..I am not sure. Depends on your luck. If you find a good master, don’t worry about price because the results will cover back all the costs over time and more benefits to come, so why worry if you find a real one ?

Logically, how would the name of the emperors changes the outcome of the solution? I think sometimes while we believe in the unknown, we need to maintain our common sense. Common sense is not really easy to maintain today due to too many misconceptions spreading like Australian bush fire….just too many, too often that even a lie slowly becomes the ‘truth’. Pitiful situation especially in the millennium. I put this responsibility on those fake or misguided practitioners.

How can good consistent results come without correct knowledge? This is the first step….of course there are other important steps but without the crucial first step, forget the word consistent. Everything will based on your luck at that time because the skill is not there anymore.

Feng Shui For Health

Ours is a period 8 house with N2 facing unit and door in the SW2 sector (facing South) (I’ve attached the layout just for easy reference). Career wise was smooth but health wise we got sick pretty often for the past 15 yrs but we just thought we were weak. I had tuberculosis after we stayed in the house for 5 years. I stopped work a few years ago and that was when my health issues cropped up. I wasn’t sure if it was because I had spent a lot of time studying and doing skincare experiments (using induction heater as well) in the study room with the 2-5 combi (facing North, in NW sector of the house) from 2015 – 2017. I’m not sure if we had activated any area wrongly as we had replaced the rusty iron gate with a rod iron gate or the installation of the ceiling fan and placing a mini fridge in the study room (2-5 combi). Doctors couldn’t identify what was wrong as blood test results were normal. One doc even recommended me to see a psychiatrist.  Later, a TCM practitioner diagnosed as hormone issue that slowly I got better. 

My Comments : Most importantly is to get the diagnosis right so you can do the right procedure to solve the problem. Well, when I looked at the plan, the methodology was likely wrong resulting in a erroneous diagnosis thus not able to provide the right remedy. Sounds all to common for you? In Part 2, you will see why. Is your health important? If yes, then don’t count the pennies…

What if he got the FACING WRONG? There are just so many theory on Facing…….How do you if it is the right one? I don’t know but if it does not solve your problems after that long while, likely it is wrong……make sense?. If you don’t change the energy, how can you see significant improvements? This is the danger of Feng Shui. Energy cannot be seen, felt, smelled, tasted but it affects us in very subtle ways 24/7 that even doctor cannot tell the causes. Only a capable Feng Shui Master can tell via the Luopan.

Furthermore, if its really 2-5 / 5-2 how can it just affected Health and not Wealth? Somethings is just not right.

Coincidentally, I chanced upon Joey Yap’s feng shui ad in 2018 and came to learn about flying stars. It so happens that in 2018, the annual flying star “5” resided in the North where my study room is. We engaged another fengshui master upon my husband’s friend’s recommendation towards the end of 2018. We later learnt that he is doing it part-time with a few years of experience. He identified our house’s 生气 location and told us no need to worry about the bad sectors as long as we build up the good sectors. He doesn’t really use the flying stars method uses a combi of white purple star, 8 mansions and some others which I can’t remember the names. He told me not to worry too much about the flying stars. He also advised us to change our bed location – from the bed head against the toilet wall (west) to against the wall (east) which is a better and logical placement as the bed is now away from the door and aircon. He asked us to put a salt lamp in the master bedroom but after 2 nights, I remove it as it was still too bright for us to sleep despite the dimmer light. 

My Comments: Too many cooks spoils the soup. Not all Feng Shui method are correct and not all solutions are really following the traditional method. Where was salt lamp solution 200 years ago ? Who created this solution and on what basis ? New Age!

Not to worry about Flying Stars? You better discard this thought!. Flying Star knowledge is very deep but most flying stars system out there are only touching the surface of that knowledge and on top of their own imagination, this sacred knowledge gets too diluted & misrepresented especially visible in Australia. Experience is very important because from experience you can tell if what you have learn is giving erratic results or consistent results. Of course the price your consultant charges you has some correlation to experience if he is genuine.

Some years ago I had a client who had the same advice from his master….guess what? His business shrunk from 3 to 1. This is a very heavy responsibility job. We cannot any how suka suka say (in local dialect). Flying Star has been there even before Ming Dynasty so how can we ignore them? If we do, are we missing some important information?

We mentioned to him we’d like to shift house since I was worried about the 5-2 combi in the master bedroom, we have a missing SE sector (read that ladies in 40s would not want to stay in the house with this missing sector) and a toilet is in the middle of the house. As both my hubby and I belonged to the kun gua, he suggested we could look for houses that are NE, NW, SW facing or even N (as water is our favourable element). As for missing sectors, just make sure no missing NW and SW. 

My Comments: How to remedy 2-5 ? Wait was 2-5 there in the first place? Could it have been something else? What if it is easily remedied but ended by an expensive move? Feng Shui is like visiting a doctor. Wrong Doctor, Patients don’t get cured instead ends up more worse. How much is your health worth? How do you put a value to your well being and happiness ? 1000? 3000? 8000? Don’t always count your life in monetary sense, it only drives you disillusioned. I observe this very often all across the continent.

Missing Sectors: Is it a correct theory or a coincidental case? Many modern architecture has “missing sectors”. Don’t believe me? Go check out your rich neighborhood where they can afford an architect.

I fell sick again in the middle of this year over 2 months after I stop my temp job and the old illness came back again. I asked the feng shui master and he told me I should learn meditation so as to control my mind as he said I tend to overthink and over worry. He mentioned that my health luck would not be good for the next few years and advised me to work on training my mind via meditation which I had heeded his advice and somehow have met some nice people who had encouraged me to learn and read more about buddhism and do some chanting and I’m very grateful for that and have learnt a lot along the way. I’ve also managed to find a doctor who has finally managed to identify my heart palpitation, anxiety and breathless problem which was due to low ferritin level (iron proteins) and some hormonal imbalance. It’s strange that those docs I’ve seen in the past years somehow cannot identify my problem as my blood count and iron shows ‘normal’ readings. 

My Comments: Accumulate good Karma….God will show you the right direction/person etc. Same old advice, Change Your Energy, Change Your Life. Accumulate good Karma, you will meet the right master but you need to trust him.

I felt sorry for this person but there is little I can do. Too much convincing I will have to do and yet I may not get their full cooperation because they have been too ill informed all these while and easily get swayed by other practitioner’s words. Hopefully more prayers will see the right person coming to help them.

We are still house hunting as the layout of most new apartments were not ideal, even for those built 5 years ago – several missing sectors, seeing stove upon entering the house etc. As for direction facing, I was reading a number of blogs by fengshui masters, some said try not to get NW facing as after 2024, flying star “9” would be locked. I also read that NE is the worst facing direction and that the best direction for period 9 and period 1 would be N-S which means if i were to get a house in period 8, i would be stuck with 5-2/ 2-5 combi for N-S facing house. We saw one unit located in the NE part of Singapore which we like and is within our budget but is a N1 facing house with 5-2 in the living room (read that it doesn’t matter as long as it is not trapped in a bedroom), and the door sector is a 9-7 combi. It would have a 2/3 missing south sector. So we were hesitant. I also went to ask for a Lot if we could buy an apartment there but Lot 72 indicates to exercise caution. 

My Comments: NW house are known as Imprisonment House in Period 9, however this is just in theory. If you are really good in your Feng Shui understanding, there are ways to solve it or mitigate it.

People has the habit to ask for a Lot or set up a Qimen Chart to ask for direction. Understandably this is a common reaction when you have encountered so many masters, each telling you different things, yet results seems so elusive. I do not have a straight answer to this dilemma but sometimes we need to take a leap of faith and cooperate fully with the right master. At the end it boils down to your current Luck cycle and the amount of good deeds you have accumulated. Have Faith in yourself especially when you have been sincere to the Universe.

It is not easy to clear up all the myth of Feng Shui because the dark forces of Feng Shui is just too strong in Period 8. Hopefully, Period 9 we will see some hope. Marketing is getting sophisticated and too many people repeating the same lies….I can only offer you this advice; A lot of Faith, Common Sense and Good Deeds is your best guide.

Part 2 gets more interesting…..

P/s: if you have a failed Feng Shui Case we are happy to hear from you and be happy to give you a discount. Confidentiality assured.