Feng Shui

Fate Versus Destiny

Some people say we cannot change FATE but we can change our DESTINY. What exactly do they mean? Is this motivation pep talk or Astrology?

Motivational point will say they have the tool to fight against Heaven’s Will thus why they have risen to be the Rich and Famous today. This is call giving Hope. What’s wrong with that you may ask. Nothing wrong honestly but when a Hope given out of the aim of making big bucks is still OK in my opinion. It becomes Not OK when the hope given is actually not attainable. Then I ask you why it is Not attainable? It comes back to FATE.

Early Heaven Life (FATE) , Later Heaven Life (DESTINY).

Some religion or motivational guru will say ignore the past for we cannot change it but we can through our CHOICES alter our future destiny. But why do we study History ? Then it makes history subject redundant. It is because we learn from mistakes of the past.

We cannot change our Destiny without first understanding our Fate to put in their own jargon. Thus why learning to understand our FATE is the vital first step to improving our future aka Destiny.

Why many people join motivational boot camps but the success rate is so low or short lived? Why some acclaimed masters has such tremendous achievements but not the people close to them? Think, Ask, Seek answers as to why there is such disparity? In these cases was it Fate or Destiny that explains why they cannot make it big after all the effort? Maybe life did got better by a small percentage.

Let me cite an example, as I was writing this blog, a master is promoting his ultimate Feng Shui secrets that purportedly linked to a famous master (deceased) in Taiwan for a good sum of money. If you investigate why the descendants relocated their father grave, you will think twice but how many will go investigate? How many will rationalize this piece of fact? I think not many.

So one is Fated to get rich while a few is fated to get poorer ?. If you are a potential student hungry for Feng Shui Secrets, would you be able to change your destiny? Yes of course you can because if you know you are fated to have money outflow this month from your Fate Chart and after investigation into the facts behind, how would you decide now? The decision may be different if you do not know from your Fate Chart that you will have a money outflow this month and you mistakenly regard it as an investment and will not take the extra effort to do further investigation. Does it make sense that you need to know your Fate before you can change your Destiny? Let me emphasize to you that buying knowledge that is doubtful is not an investment, it is an expense.

Life is about getting better from where we started, not by measuring us versus others. It is a Relative and not an Absolute measure.

Clearly my friends, the answer is very simple, we need to first learn to understand our Fate then reshape/improve our future Fate (Destiny). I prefer to use reshape/improve the future Fate as I believe this is the more realistic phrase that is positive at the same time rather than Changing or Fighting Heaven’s will because it gives hope that is unachievable. There is zero value in such motivational words except to enrich their pockets.

I end my 2019 blog with this post. Here I wish my readers and fans of authentic Feng Shui a Happy New Year.🎊

It is my wish for 2020 that people are able to think more rationally on a more sophisticated level so mankind will preserve the truth and art of real destiny and not fall into the realm of superstition and fake hope.