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The Discussion Of Two Malls – Part 2

After the first postings on the this same subject, this time I will discuss 2 malls that shared the same public facilities which is the KLCC LRT Station. They are the Avenue K and Suria KLCC.

Avenue K

This is the Mall that was opened in 2005 but business has been lukewarm and this lead to reduced tenancy over time and a change was urgently needed to rejuvenate business. https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2005/06/17/hk-land-city-prop-team-up/

Then in 2013 the management embarked on a courageous move to have a total make over of the mall. They even took this opportunity to take advantage of Feng Shui by engaging a renowned consultancy agency to induce Feng Shui elements into the new mall plan. https://www.thestar.com.my/news/community/2013/09/06/shopping-mall-gets-a-facelift-avenue-k-to-unveil-its-new-look-to-shoppers-next-month/

When they reopened in 2014, the tenancy went up to 80% according to media reports. Fast forward to 2019, the crowd were mainly concentrated on the ground & lower ground floors especially during lunch hours. The other floors was just having light traffic.

Suria KLCC

It was completed around 1996 / 1997 during the era of Dr Mahathir during his tenure as the Prime minister of Malaysia and the building belonged to the Country petroleum company, Petronas.

In this development, apart from the 2 famous Petronas Twin Towers, there is the Mall (Suria KLCC) and a Philharmonic hall adjacent to it.

It was never known if there were any Feng Shui elements used in the design of this building but some how it was definitely has a much stronger crowd since it’s opening. If you have stories about the Feng Shui design of KLCC, we love to hear from you.

Night View

We had a walk around the 2 malls few times but it is very obvious in several occasions still KLCC had much stronger crowd even now in 2019. More shoppers in most shops too. However these are just our observations.

These observations raises a few pertinent questions.

  1. Is Feng Shui a spike of result or it should be a trend on the longer run?
  2. Was the business model such as size of mall, selection of tenants / brands played a more important role than Feng Shui ?
  3. Did the strategic location of being next to the LRT station brought about any significant advantage? To answer this you will have to compare to malls such as Mid Valley or Sunway Pyramid, One Utama (when the MRT was not ready yet) when there are no direct access to LRT station. Also compare this fact to the performance of Cheras Sentral Mall, now that it has a direct access from the MRT Station.
  4. How will it fare now that Robinson is opened opposite to it ? Will Feng Shui setup help make the difference to pull this mall to victory in the new episode of Romance of the 3 malls?

It would be an interesting walk for Feng Shui enthusiast to both the malls to satisfy your curiosity. Suria KLCC may not have incorporated Feng Shui into the design but did Feng Shui contributed to it’s business?

Feng Shui exists in any buildings or property whether we believe in it or otherwise, just like gravity. – Alan Chong

As an enthusiast in Feng Shui & especially if you live in Malaysia, it will be interesting to use your knowledge that you have acquired from your teacher or school or books and see if you can tell from the Feng Shui point of view why the difference in performance now that you have known about it.

Certainly our tour was captivating as we peeled the layers of Feng Shui for both malls and students gets to deepen their knowledge on San Yuan Feng Shui as they inch closer to mastery level.