Yin zhai feng shui

Yin Feng Shui – Family of Warriors and Healers

Few years back while I was attending to a Yin Feng Shui case for a client, it entailed some construction work and thus I had to spend some time at the grave site while waiting for the workers to dismantle the tomb stone. It was a hot sunny day so I took shade under a tree.

A while later an elderly man passed by and went attending to a tomb not far away. After he finished he pass by and said “Hello”. He asked me what was I doing there.

So I just casually said “repairing the tomb site”. “Are you the descendant of this grave?” I shook my head and pointed to my client. Now my turn to ask him questions….

I asked why was he there at such a time? Just to make sure he is human….hahaha. He was in his 60’s. He told me that is the father’s tomb and he lives nearby. A chit chat ensued and he told me this cemetery has been around for 40 plus years and his father was among early ones to “settle” here!. He pointed to me his father’s tomb. He told me his father has 11 children and he never really liked the dad. So I Asked him why? Apparently he was the eldest and the dad had a very altruistic character, prioritizing friends above family but admitted his dad was a kind man who helped many people when he was alive.

As the classic says good land is for benevolent people, I believe his dad must have been buried in a good Feng Shui pot. This is a promise of Heaven. Since I already know the land formation of this cemetery, I know it can produce good results if done correctly.

Then he asked me if I am a Feng Shui master while his eyes was focused on my Luopan bag. I jokingly said I am a just a Geographical Master 地理师. Then he told me his father grave was Feng Shuied before by an old master at that time. Emmm….interesting! He caught my attention, didn’t he?

So I asked him, “May I have a look at your dad’s tomb?” He happily says “Yes! ” he lead the way to the tomb together with my client accompanied by 2 faithful cemetery dogs I befriended just that day. After the usual ritual, both of them eagerly waited for me to say something….So I ask the man do you have siblings or nephews/nieces who are in the law enforcement, lawyer or doctors? He very proudly said “Many!”.

Then he related which brothers was in which government agency, which sister won which international award, which nephew is the specialist doctor, lawyers etc. Most of them are high ranking officers too. He then asked me how I know but of course I could not reveal my trade secrets right but briefly brief him as a gesture of sharing his personal family stories. What is better than hearing from the horses mouth ? Of course I have to do my part not to divulge sensitive information, as promised to him.

The Land Formations.

The land formations was really good with strong with good incoming dragon vein Qi, well formed dragon head, adequate embracements, sizeable Ming Tang 明堂. The flow of Qi which was the bloodline of the dragons, was also auspicious from favourable direction while locking at the Ling Shen to retain its benefits for the descendants.

When I reflect back on the Chapter of Ci Xiong, it clearly showed the why understanding Ci Xiong is so important to attain good results in Feng Shui. Thanks to my 3rd master who opened my mind to the meaning of it.

Nearby land forms had good Sword mountains and a very beautiful Hu Lu (Calabash) mountain rightly located and the right place.

As the Qi builds on over time, working tirelessly 24/7, the fate of the family tree was slowly reshaped by the power of the Yin Feng Shui. The good Yin Feng Shui was made possible by the good deeds accumulated by their late father. Thus why Confucius always asked us to honour our ancestors by visiting and cleaning their tombs because the good life we enjoy today, is in someway shaped by the good deeds done by our ancestors. Sometimes the subject of destiny is so complicated as everything is inter twined.

There is no better time to do so, then when the sky is clear and bright, 清明。

Not many could accept the concept of Yin Feng Shui but if you learn it, understand it, see it, done it, you will believe in it. Like I have said many times to my customers as well as students and my once skeptical wife, you may not believe in Feng Shui but trust the results. Seeing is believing and time will prove it.