Case Study, Mall Feng Shui

Mall Feng Shui Short Lived


Back in October 2018, I was at Podomoro City for an Feng Shui Consulting job for an office there. Nearby there were 2 malls and when I had time I made a brief visit to the 2 mall with my student. One was an older mall while the other was a rather new mall.

The new mall was completed around mid of 2016 and has 197,000 sqm site area and leasable area of 44,931.43 sqm. It was awarded by as the Best Retail Development for Indonesia back in 2017.

Upon examination, I concluded to my student that the new mall Feng Shui isn’t that good and worried about the future and later before parting to the airport, I informed my client the same.

Fast forward to in March 2019, my client visited me in Kuala Lumpur and the very first thing the told me, “You remember you told me that the adjacent mall Feng Shui is not good?” I replied “Yes, I remembered!, Why?”. In a curious tone he said “Well it closed just recently!”. I was baffled. Normally, here in Malaysia no matter how bad shape is the mall, operators will try to hold on to them. It is very rare case here to close down the mall. They will rather drag for years operating a poor mall. Maybe the profit margins are very good.

Bad Feng Shui Formation ?

Why did the Mall short lived despite in accordance to general Feng Shui theory expounded by many masters that having water is good Feng Shui? A renowned Master here in Malaysia once said, having water in the front part of the property is auspicious because it can draw in the money Qi or energy. Another Feng Shui Myth?

Does Feng Shui Works?

If the theory of Feng Shui is fake, I would not have been able to diagnosed the many malls and house and offices feng shui in my years of practice. Diagnose > Correction > Positive Results. There is some correlation between the performance of business with Feng Shui as again proven with this prediction made back in 2018.


Furthermore, if there are no truth to it, then it would not have survived so many thousands of years. Unfortunately, there are many feng shui myths and misconceptions and it gets worse in this modern age due to the speed of information is exchanged.

The fact of the matter is Feng Shui is a potent force to help us apart from our humanly effort. However, you have got to find the real method to study or master to have the feng shui done properly.

Beware of false knowledge, it is more dangerous than ignorance. – George Bernard Shaw.”

Land Form, Land Form, Land Form

All true Feng Shui has to be land formation dependent. Failing to meet the requirements is one reason why most Feng Shui formation could not make the mark! Thus a world class master is one who is adept in this skill.

For the same reason, since 2 years, my student too have experience improvements. πŸŽ‰