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Sydney Feng Shui Experience

I was honored to be invited by the AFSC for a conference in Sydney Australia between 8-9 June 2019 as a speaker on the subject of BaZi Astrology.

Land forms was very unusual compared to Asia. Either was vastly flat or hilly but lots of small hills.Naturally, Sydney has a lot of water ways and bays as well as long winding rivers which naturally brought about its flourishing.

Coming here apart for sharing and bring the Nature’s way of BaZi to Australia, I had the time to view some exciting properties that really challenges me.

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The Predicted Incident

It was a good trip for a friend when I have warned about the problems coming since last year and it did materialize unfortunately. Stars don’t lie but only if one has the skills to see it! It could have been avoided if it was remedied last year but sadly it did not manage to happen probably they did not take it seriously.

On hind sight, if it had not happened then nobody will know that we can be accurate in our predictions. Its all about Timing, Timing, Timing! .

Real Feng Shui skills is obtained through many years of training but it is very rewarding knowledge because it can help people.

Made good friend with a golden retriever and it was like love at first sight. ๐Ÿ˜ Instantly connected. Ah….did not take his photo…wasted.

Trapezoid house

Biggest challenge in my life. How to Feng Shui a trapezoid shaped house?. Locating the table or door becomes a challenge.

A house that once did very well and lost it luster over time and who said an odd shaped house cannot enjoy good Feng Shui? It’s the level of authentic knowledge one possessed & not just hear say knowledge. They can be very wrong.

Chimney…..a feature seldom found in Malaysia

It’s time to bring back the shine. We walked through a couple of the changes that happened over the years and understanding this we can predict if that change made things better or worse off. With this investigative part completed, we can now confidently predict the future of this house with the proposed solution.

So now patiently waiting for the result as the owner make their changes and adjustments.

Long Out of Sight Student

It was wonderful to reconnect with my student whom I have not met for some years. ( Nobody can guess this person because I am anonymous hahaha)

It was nice to have helped my student rearrange the house Feng Shui after 4 years. It was a pity that if I could have been there earlier. Finally I completed my mission to understand that house Feng Shui. Happy about that I have completed my part as teacher! ๐Ÿ˜€

Just got some update, things are going for the better which is good for the few small changes done!. As a teacher, it is indeed a wonderful accomplishment for me.

I also had the chance to witness how Xuan Kong Da Gua was applied and what was missed out that caused the lack of results. Setting a Feng Shui formation is an art that needs high level of experience and mastery. It’s insufficient just knowing the various formula. The more formulas, the higher the chance of confusing.

A few simple tweak is all it takes to produce results….Only IF one knows how to.

End Note

Had a good time knowing the practitioners in Australia and how Feng Shui is done, practiced and believed there.

It was quite a different from my practice, I have to say that. However it was an eye opener for me.

That’s all for the short trip this year. I am sure there will be more trips down under in the coming future to share with those with affinity and believes in Real Feng Shui.

Overall I would say this conference was a success in meeting the objectives of sharing and caring for all their members. Bravo!

Yours Truly,